16 February, 2015

Pillowcase Project

"Can you help the youth with a project to sew pillowcases that will be donated to the children's hospital?" she asked; "of course I can", I responded. I had no idea about the project or what I needed to know ahead of time to be of any assistance when our Director of Student Ministries posed the question to me a few weeks ago at church. All I knew was that whenever I have the opportunity to help children with any sewing project it is going to be fun! She sent me a link to this website and I tried out the pattern listed there... I was impressed! It didn't take me long to unearth a few pieces of fabric from the stash closet and stich up this example; the instructions were clear and the result was a well constructed, bright and cheerful pillowcase. The group gathered after worship service yesterday, fifteen children ranging in age from seven to ten years. For most of them it was their first time seated behind a sewing machine; their enthusiasm was contagious! They were excited about the fabrics that they had selected and brought, about sewing and about helping other children; it was a wonderful afternoon.
Check out the link and consider stitching up a pillowcase or two to brighten the day of hospitalized child with a life-threatening condition, it only takes a few minutes; look for a local chapter near you. I know I will sew up many more of these. Better yet, if you're given the chance to spend some time stitching with children, DO IT; it will be the best time you've spent... I promise!
Life is Good!


Janet O. said...

What a meaningful afternoon, in more ways than one!

Sherrill said...

I, along with my church quilt ministry, have made many of these but we used a you tube video for the 'sausage' (I believe) pillowcase. Pretty much exact same instructions as the link you provided and nice that all edges were finished even without a serger.