21 March, 2015

My Newest Loves

The containers are cute, they feel good in your hand and fit in your back pocket. The lotion is smooth, delicately scented, and rubs in without a trace. Your dry hands are so yesterday. I'm addicted to Berry Blossoms (pink) but there's also Cucumber (green) and Fresh Flowers (blue).

Look for these, you'll like them... they're less than $2.

This new love has quickly become an addiction: Blue Bloods. We stated watching this compelling drama series on Netflix, beginning with the pilot episode and have just completed season #1, it's great.  I don't know where I was when this series debuted, living in a cave? I'll admit we don't watch much network television, with the exception of Jeopardy!, and even that we record to watch later so that we can skip the commercials. I'm thinking we must have missed the ads for this with all of our fast-forwarding! Anyway, if you've been a cave-dweller too you might want to check this one out; it's current on Friday nights with all of the earlier seasons available on Netflix. You'll be hooked if you're not already.
Life is Good!


BarbCarol said...

My husband is also a great fan of "Blue Bloods" and fast-forwarding through commercials. I am a reader and fiber artist and would not be unhappy to see the television disappear. I enjoy your blog.

Gloria said...

I really enjoy watching "Blue Bloods" and we usually record so we can watch commercial free too.

Karen said...

I had to pick my favorite TV show and it was Blue Bloods. Each season gets better.