02 April, 2015

Hand Embroidered, Machine Finished

Heartland ~ 49" X 56"
The quilting is finished on this little beauty. My mother hand embroidered the blocks, perhaps fifteen years ago. She discovered them last year and set them together into a quilt top, I volunteered to bring it home with me and take it from the flimsy stage to a full-fledged quilt; I am grateful that she trusted me with it. If memory serves, these embroidery patterns were published by Bareroots. I had a set too, mine were different though, blocks instead of hearts. Mom and I bought our patterns when we were together one time, at a cute little shop in Massachusetts. I remember finishing mine as a wallhanging in 2003; it hung in the studio for a few years.
I discovered it when I cleaned out the stash closet a few years ago. I'm glad that these are both done at long last, they look so completely different! Mom told me that she's naming hers "Heartland" after the Canadian series on television that we both love, a most fitting title.
Heartland; detail.
The back's cute too!

Life is Good!


Tanya said...

Such a beauty! A grand piece spanning time and generations. It will stay an heirloom for generations to come.

Carol said...

I found your blog a couple of weeks ago! I am so impressed with all of your work, you are so talented. Think I live close to you, in W-S, NC.

Thanks for sharing all your beautiful work!


Janet O. said...

You've done a lovely job of turning those sweet blocks into a finish. I'm sure your Mom is pleased.
Beautiful quilting!

julieQ said...

I love hearts!! And your heart quilts are marvelous!! I think the quilting makes them so gorgeous.

LizA. said...

Lovely -- the feathers are perfect with the hearts!