12 May, 2015

Family Weekend

We've been celebrating family this past week... not only mothers! My Dad and I have spent a couple of days picking the most delicious strawberries ever at a nearby strawberry farm. The berries are huge, juicy and sweet!
We carried a gallon to the Capital City on Saturday where we had a wonderful afternoon visiting with these two cutie pies (and their parents!). We capped off the visit with a stroll through a local rose garden.
Our next stop, along the way, was a meet and greet with Woody himself!
 I can't tell who's enjoying himself more... can you?
 Even the youngest (perhaps especially the youngest) enjoyed the juicy goodness of the fresh strawberries!
My mother and her youngest grandchild, our son Kyle; here she's passing along the family recipe (and the preparation technique) for her ham salad. A keen eye may notice a can of Spam in the background... yes, that's the secret ingredient! Say what you will about Spam; but, I grew up on this delicious ham salad with fresh chopped green pepper and I agree with my son that it's just about the tastiest thing you could ever spread on a slice of bread!

Life is Good! 


Carole in Nebraska said...

Your post brought back such sweet (no pun intended) memories for me. My mom and I enjoyed many an early summer day picking strawberries. I can't believe my thoughts are going back to the 1970s but Mom's been gone almost 20 years now and that doesn't seem possible either. I'm so glad that you are still able to do all these simple pleasures with your parents.

Janet O. said...

Delightful time with all generations. Sweet family times are the best!
The berries look yummy. My berry patch unfortunately suffered its demise over the winter.
My sister and her husband are currently on a mission trip to Palau and she tells me that Spam is a staple there--and there are more flavors of Spam than you could imagine possible. I didn't even know they made flavored Spam.

45th Parallel Quilter said...

Oh my ... SPAM!! My hubby worked in the food packaging industry for more than 40 years and his team "designed" the Spam can! LOL Any chance you'd share (privately) the Goodneedle Ham Salad recipe? Is there anything better than strawberries you pick yourself in early Spring? Linda

jude's page said...

Nothing better than strawberries, sounds yummy!

Tanya said...

Yes! I have a SPAM can too and would love to use it in a tried and true recipe!