06 June, 2015

Build A Bridge... And Get Over It!

Mason crossing Coral Rock Bridge; the dream project that he envisoned, coming to be.
Chapter Two

The boys were back in the woods bright and early this morning, bridge building takes time. They decided that wood "slabs", leftover from a major log milling following storm damage here a few years ago, would provide the perfect planking for the bridge floor. Knowing that, and actually hauling them back there were two entirely different matters, they are quite heavy. Step by step, one at a time, they were carefully placed and secured.

Mason was a big help, he handed Pawpaw the nails that he required, as he needed them.
Snack time... this team of builders is tired after their hard labor.
The official christening of Coral Rock Bridge, long may she stand!
Well done, boys; the hand rails and remaining flooring will wait for another day.
Life is Good!


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...


quiltmom said...

What great memories your grandson is making with his grandpa- I know that our own son has forged a wonderful relationship with my father because of times spent together. It is an amazing thing to watch and enjoy. This looks like a fabulous project that Mason will long remember.
Thanks for sharing.

julieQ said...

Good job, guys!! Grandpa, you are making wonderful connections forever with that baby!!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Just awesome!!

jude's page said...

What a great project to work on and great to have Grandpa to help him fulfil his design!

AnnieO said...

I hope PawPaw's knees will recover, lol! Congrats to the boys for a very successful execution of plan!

Marie said...

Just went back and read the first chapter of the bridge building and I can't get over what a big handsome boy Mason has become!! I can see how proud his grandpa was with having him help on this, what great memories they are building. Hugs to all, Marie

45th Parallel Quilter said...

My heart was just singing when I read this post and saw the picture. What a beautiful relationship ... thank you for sharing. The bridge looks GREAT and memories were built as well. Linda

Carole said...

Oh so sweet! What precious moments! Thank you for sharing!