30 June, 2015

Moment In The Sun

According to wiktionary ~ "moment in the sun" (n) is an idiom: A brief instance in which an otherwise obscure, unremarkable, or humble person* draws attention. 

In this case replace "person" with "quilt" and you'll have a spot-on, accurate definition! This otherwise obscure and unremarkable quilt top was found by my mother years ago at a yard sale and rescued on the spot. She's done it before, remember this salvaged quilt from a few months ago?
She has a good eye; an expert quilt rescuer, she immediately recognized the value in this one. From that day, years ago, until this past winter when it was rediscovered in a storage box; it has lain, untouched and all but forgotten. Mom brought it out this past spring for a consultation: "what do you think?", she asked me, "can this quilt be saved?". The photos below tell the rest of the story. Finally, at long last, this yard sale star has become the quilt it was always meant to be. This one's earned its moment in the sun. 
The above two photos of the completed quilting are a little more "yellowed" than in reality.

The tones in the two outdoor shots are more representative of the actual colors, the background and backing are white-white.

There are some questions that can never be answered: who made this and what purpose was the quilt to serve? We'll never know, the only answer now is that it has been given a new lease on life and it will be loved and treasured from here on in; maybe that's all we need to know.

Life is Good!


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Wow, fabulous - just fabulous! So well done. Hard to imagine someone giving up on that beauty ... you did a fabulous job of bringing her to life!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Beautiful -the quilt and the story!

~Niki~ said...


Janet O. said...

What a lovely quilt. Your quilting has given it a soul!
Your Mom could open a quilt rescue mission. : )

Marge said...

What a beautiful quilt and your quilting is phenomenal. Love all your work, you inspire me.

Laura Chaney said...

Beautiful quilt, and what a lovely rescue story!