21 December, 2015

A Wonderful Weekend

Our weekend was a wonderful one, full of happy and excited grandchildren! Actually, it all began on Friday with a quick daytrip to the Capital City. Lucy Ann performed in her preschool's Christmas program, she portrayed the Star of Bethlehem and led the wiseman to find the baby Jesus. She had already announced to our daughter, in advance, that she was the star of the program; always a star in her grandparents' eyes, she wasn't exxagerrating! It doesn't seem that long ago, just the blink of an eye in fact, that she rested in that very same manger, a baby of just a few months old; acting as the infant Jesus during Christmas Eve worship service. She's now a very grown up and self-assured five year old!  On the drive back home we stopped and picked up the youngest grandchildren for an overnight with Nana and PawPaw. Saturday morning dawned early at our house, the little ones were too excited to sleep. After the breakfast dishes were done and  put away we had a fun-filled morning of house construction! The accomplished builders were very proud of their creativity and hard work. The one thing that Nana did not expect was their overwhelming desire to eat their handiwork... for lunch!

After church on Sunday our Capital City family arrived in the afternoon. They prepared a delicious dinner for Grandma, at her home, where we all ate together last evening. My mother-in-law was the happiest I have seen her in a very long time. One more meal around the dining room table where generations have been served and memories have been made; this is what family, and Christmas, is all about. We'll gather again, in this very same spot, with the rest of the crew on Friday.
Life is Good! 

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Nane said...

Aww she does look happy!