05 January, 2016

Sew Inspired!

This dear friend, pictured here, is my very first quilting instructor! She has inspired me in SEW many ways. Today is her birthday and this post is dedicated to Ann and all her multitude of talents; but, far and away, one the things that she is the very best at is being a friend! I cherish her and our friendship, one that has lasted since I was that eager wanna-be quiltmaker in her class 33 years ago. She delighted me with some show and tell when I visited her just before Christmas. She happily displayed her "Spinning Stars" quilt top from a class that she and I took together at Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival three years ago. Sigh and groan... this is where mine is so far:

I don't know why I ever quit working on mine... but I did. As you can plainly see, I adopted an alternate setting from the pattern for my blocks. I had entitled mine "Mountain Day" and only lack four more rows from having a top that measures 60" x 84". I have dragged it out, with all of the components and rulers, and placed it front and center. If Ann's is done and ready to be quilted, then mine will be too!
This was Ann's second show and tell that same day. The sigh and groan that eminated from me this time was much more audible and dramatic; I do know why I never kept working on this one... it was HARD...  I gave up in utter frustration after one completed block! Again, a class that she and I took together, this one two years ago. Always inspiring me, Ann's actions on this front (twelve blocks seems like a reasonable goal!) convinced me to drag out what I had stashed away. Here it is:
The working title given to this one was "Starburst Spin"... in honor of Starburst jellybeans. I can dust this one off and bring these candy colors to life. All I need to do is dedicate my mind and spirit, I can do that, in honor of my friend; she has always left me SEW inspired! Thanks, Ann, you never fail to bring out the best in me. I have weekend plans (Friday/Saturday) to stitch away while being on a fairly close-to-home retreat. My projects this time have self-selected; wish me luck. Hold me accountable. My quilt teacher will, I'm giving her permission to be tough on me... after all, it's her birthday!
Life is Good!


Nane said...

Already packed up for Dogwood I hope so we can see them in person

MARCIE said...

Love the stars in that first photo! Just my style! Aren't quilting friends the best?

quiltkeemosabe said...

Happy Birthday, Ann. You have inspired so many people!!!!

NanaNor's said...

How wonderful that she was not only a fantastic quilt teacher but a dear friend as well. My old next door neighbor in Ca., was also a quilter and helped me so much; we went on lots of retreats together and I'm pleased to say that she, her hubby, my hubby and I will all be together at Sisters this July.min fact we will be taking several classes together-I can't wait!
Thanks for sharing such a special friend and beautiful quilts.

Janet O. said...

What a sweet tribute to your first quilt teacher. Her quilts are lovely--that first one calls to me. : )
I will cheer you on with that last quilt. Looks challenging, but the results appears to be well worth it.

Fashions 10 said...

Beautiful work, as always.
Emo Girl

James Alone said...

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Jacob William said...

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