26 January, 2016

This, That and The Other Thing

There's been lots going on: random things-- this, that and the other thing; think of this as a potpourri post, a way to catch up all at once. I wanted to brag on my daughter-in-law. She's been having lots of fun with her Cameo Silhouette electronic cutter; she's created wonderful iron-on transfers for T-shirts, dresses and household items as well as labels for everything... I asked her if she would make me a "water" label to differentiate this spray bottle that I use for thinning royal icing from an identical bottle of homemade granite cleaner for the kitchen (I wouldn't want to mix up those two!). She rose to the occasion, creating word art at its finest! I love this water bottle now, there's no doubt as to its contents.

While on retreat at the beginning of this month I stitched up a whole heap of pretty little Charger Cord-Wraps for myself and for gifts. My drawers are pretty again, no more charger cord tangles! I found the tutorial here.
The storm of last week loaned itself to some lovely photo-ops, I got lucky with this one; our state bird.
Before the snow flew our neighbor completed a gorgeous picnic table and bench for his family; he was proud to take it home. Ben has been a woodworker's apprentice in Mr. Goodneedle's workshop for over a year now. He seems pleased in this photo with the finished product, as does his mentor!
In preparation for The Quilt Block Bible (book by Rosemary Youngs) Study this week, I have completed and written up directions for five more blocks. I'm chipping away, block by block.  These were pretty straight-forward piecing. I have a pile of applique blocks to catch up on. I will do those by hand and am saving them for road trips and down-time handwork.
Through the piecing of "Rustic Rails" (see yesterday's post) and the aforementioned Bible Study blocks I have been adding to a second tumbler charm quilt top (the first was completed last summer) it is also being sewn Leader-Ender (thanks, Bonnie!) style, this one has grown by leaps and bounds as other piecing is accomplished.  I plan to keep both of these quilts in the cars in case of emergencies; one never knows when a quilt might be needed.
Pre-cut tumbler scraps, lights and darks, reside in their own little bins right beside the machine ensuring that every time something passes beneath the presser foot something else is accomplished simultaneously. Can you say efficient?  That's it for this random catch-up post; hopefully subsequent posts will be more single-subject structured and easier to keep up with!
Life is Good!


Janet O. said...

My daughter has one of those Silhouette cutters, but I have never thought to ask her do do anything as clever as a water bottle label--love it!
Looks like a lovely table. Who wouldn't be pleased? So good of Mr. G. to mentor him.
All of your sewing projects are looking good. (Now I feel really guilty about my "cord drawer".) : )

cityquilter grace said...

should try and keep busy mrs. g.....tee hee...

Needled Mom said...

I love the water bottle label. It surely beats my marking pen one that keeps wearing off.

That table looks gorgeous and I can imagine many wonderful meals will be enjoyed on it.

Great tumbler block piecing. Leader/enders are such a terrific idea.

Jeanne said...

Love your tumbler quilt and the Bible blocks and the table! Always a lot of good things going on at your place. :-)

LizA. said...

pretty, pretty, pretty.......I can see I'm definitely going to have to make up some of those cord wraps.

jude's page said...

I don't mind a catchup post, and love your bird photo and the tumbler quilt. I have that die so should use it sometime.

Charleen said...

Lots of wonderful projects going on! I just bought a Cameo too. Love it and I'm looking forward to cutting appliqué shapes for machine embroidery. No more trimming right up to the placement line!