02 March, 2016

Lessons Learned While Driving...

...in less than optimum conditions! A view similar to this one* was all that I could manage exactly one week ago today as we motored on up to Hampton VA for our annual trip to MidAtlantic Quilt Festival.  It was my turn to drive this year, when I picked up MJMR and Quiltkeemosabe at their homes it was raining; it didn't take too long, however, for the conditions to become deplorable. What started off as normal rain showers quickly devolved into relentless monsoon-type rain and wind, it was a white-knuckle ride most of the way. So, what lessons did I learn along the way?
1. Remain Calm ~ everything goes better when one remains calm
2. Trust Your Instincts ~ stay focused and alert and rely on your own driving skills and abilities 
3. Have Faith  ~ pray constantly for protection and be grateful for guidance (both God's and especially GPS!)
The best part of the entire trip was parking the car and, at long last, checking into the hotel safe and sound; I was never happier to see the sun shining brightly the next morning.
The quilt show and the merchants' mall didn't disappoint this year. By far, though, the highlight of the show for me was running into this lady and her amazing wholecloth quilt that she designed and for which she received a blue ribbon in "Best Longarm Machine Workmanship". I have known Gina for 20+ years; back when I taught quilting classes in a precious little quilt shop in the early to mid 1990's. This gal and her Mom signed up for every class that was offered there, she was so eager to learn! And learn she did. I couldn't be happier or more excited for her; she's quilting with major-leaguers now.
This was my shopping haul; not too bad. I did enjoy my time away, it was relaxing and inspirational. I caught up with dear friends, stolled through the quilt show and took my time in each and every vendor booth.  I will profile the Creative Grids Quick Trim Ruler pictured above tomorrow, it's a versatile tool! Back to those lessons learned behind the steering wheel: Remain Calm, Trust Your Instincts and Have Faith... those apply to all aspects of life, every day; I need to remember that. I'm feeling like Dorothy after her trip to Oz; since the trip going up was so exhausting it's simply good to be back home, (and back here blogging away again too) there's no place quite like it.
Life is Good!
*photo from web images


quiltkeemosabe said...

At first glance, I said to myself...."how did she snap a picture of that storm while driving!!!!!" but I see you said it was similar to this, that this was not an actual picture of the deluge. I am still looking for a medal for you..one for meritorius driving under extreme conditions. You did great! Thank you so much!

cityquilter grace said...

nice haul..i spy an itty bitty 8ths ruler and some lovely sandy gervais prints...i picked up some of those too...lovely! and we had monsoon weather here today...

Janet O. said...

Oh, it is so unnerving to drive through a storm like that--as if a fire hose was pointed at your windshield!
Glad you arrived safely. Looks like you found some fun goodies to bring home.
I look forward to your review.

rondiquilts said...

Some of my most memorable times have been those spent at quilt shows with dear friends. Nice to have you back.


Teresa said...

Sounds like a fun trip after you got there. The whole cloth quilt is beautiful.