04 April, 2016

Cleaning Up!

I have a stack of fleece scraps, left over from quilt backs and various other projects. Originally these were strips trimmed from the length or width of each piece, I cut them into usable square-ish pieces. I have a stack of similar-sized chunks of cotton/poly blend quilt batting, acquired in the same manner. What do I use these for? They have become my never-depleting supply of dusters! They're perfect for a quick pass under a dresser or around chair legs (those places a vacuum cleaner can't quite reach) on our hardwood floors. They're also great for shelves, sills, baseboards and areas where you don't need a real dustcloth embellished with a squirt of furniture polish. Since they're already recycled I don't even bother washing them... but you could; I simply toss mine in the trash when they're full of dust! Done. You probably already have scraps like these lying around, have at it! If not, you can buy a yard of any fleece (60" wide) on sale for under $5 at one of the fabric chain stores and cut 40 pieces, 6" x 9", creating your own stack. Now, they're available to you when you need them, for pennies; these work every bit as well as the expensive alternatives. Consider these your thrifty picker-uppers. It's spring. Go forth and clean! You're welcome.
Life is Good!


Quiltdivajulie said...

I also use my leftover batting scraps instead of special Swiffer cloths for the hardwood in my studio rooms. Works like a charm! (great minds DO think alike, don't they ? giggle)

cityquilter grace said...

the one good thing about homelessness is no cleaning...but alas, those days are gone now...gotta go find that mop...LOL

lindsey said...

Brilliant idea!