05 April, 2016

Springing Up!

I didn't retouch the colors in this photo... spring has BURST upon the scene in all its vibrant glory!
Remember those 'wintered over' geraniums that I had high hopes for? They're springing up too!
This "Nellie Moser" variety Clematis actually sprinted up the lamp post, seemingly overnight!
 Speaking of things that happen overnight... deer, and their appetites, are springing up too. Groan. 
I wasn't quite fast enough with the Liquid Fence this year to prevent this initial attack. I'm on it now. These Hosta, gifts a few years ago from Quiltkeemosabe, line the edge of the driveway. When all is well, these show-stopping Hosta are huge and impressive. This one, that looks as though it was manicured with a weed eater, will rebound, and spring back up. I hope. Cross your fingers along with me.
Life is Good!


Janet O. said...

That first photo is stunning!
You did well with the geraniums. I commend you!
Our plant damage doesn't come from anything as elegant as deer--skunks and raccoons are usually the culprits in our garden, along with an occasional escaped farm animal. : )

Paula, the quilter said...

The rabbits have nibbled my grape hyacinths down like the deer have done to your hostas. Wascally wabbits.