08 May, 2016


Do you remember those geraniums I was wintering over? Well, let's say it's been a huge success; the growth that they have put forth has been phenomenal. There are oodles of flower buds set and it won't be long before they're blooming for real. Speaking of growth-- this picture was taken just two short years ago.
Same girl, same flower pots, same porch.  Yes; with nurturing care and time, growth will happen. We simply need to take a deep breath and be prepared. As mothers, and grandmothers, we understand that whatever you do: don't blink!
Happy Mother's Day!
Life is Good!


Synthia said...

Beautiful child. Excellent advice.
Happy Mother's Day to you!!

P.S. Geraniums are one of my favs and yours are as nice as mine. hehehe

quiltmom anna said...

Such a lovely post Debbie- Those babies of you are sure growing and changing and it so wonderful that you and your littles get so much time together. Wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day.
Warmest regards,

jude's page said...

Just wondering what sort of geraniums they are. I have planted a few into my new garden, and will be getting some more cuttings this week. There is no snow here, so we don't have to "winter" them, just leave them in the garden all year round. I can see the purchase of some more pots soon.

Janet O. said...

That is the sweetest picture--all that is fresh and innocent and pure!
Congrats on your success with the geraniums. They look very healthy! I wintered one over in my solarium and have been proud that I kept it alive. : )
Happy Mother's Day!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Wonderful post - and the side by side photos are priceless (both of them).