01 June, 2016

Little Tumbler

We traveled to the Capital City yesterday to surprise our oldest grandson and have lunch with him at his school. We enjoyed every minute and I believe that he did too. After that we went to his house to visit with his sister and watch her end-of-year tumbling exhibition. She gave us a preview of her strength before we left home for the gym by climbing the door frame in the kitchen!

The exhibition that followed was every bit as impressive. She's strong, she's feisty, she's adorable! She can do full-on push ups, lots of them, and she doesn't balk or complain.
I told her mother while watching her flip and tumble that it's so hard to think that this is the one, born four weeks before her due date, that worried us all to pieces because she refused to eat back then. We prayed, we begged: "Please, Lucy Ann, just 1/2 an ounce-- you need to grow, you need to thrive". If only we'd had a crystal ball.
Congratulations, little tumbler, Super Job indeed!!
Life is Good!


LizA. said...

Wow! They're growing up so fast.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Wonderful post!

Janet O. said...

The discipline and strength she will gain from this will serve her well in more than just the "tumbling"!
She looks very strong up in the door frame. : )

Gloria said...

What fun photos...growing up so fast!

Sherrill said...

Oh to be young again!! HA I had a niece who is now 47..she weighed 3 lb 15 oz at birth and spent a month in the incubator. Wouldn't know it now!! Amazing what they can do.

Lindah said...

Wonderful! Thank the Lord. She is doing so well.
(And lucky you to live near enough to be able to see her and brother often.)

Tanya said...

Wow! That's a pretty flexible lass you have there!