17 April, 2008

McDiesel, The Litter Dog

You've heard of McGruff, The Crime Dog. You probably haven't heard of his cousin... McDiesel. Instead of taking a bite out of crime, this one takes a bite (literally) out of litter. Namely, this Mountain Dew bottle. My husband and I walk every evening; a mile and a half, up hill both ways. No lie. We take Diesel and Hannes with us. Last evening Diesel "found" this bottle and grabbed it. She carried it all the way home, we couldn't get it away from her, she was so funny (and proud)! I would have taken a closer shot of Diesel with her prize but my husband wanted you to see how thick and green the grass is right now, looks like Diesel's not the only one who's proud!

Life is Good!

26. Laugh some more!


Libby said...

Sometimes a prize is just too good to give up *s*

We live in a place where we have to walk uphill both ways, too. If we ever buy again - I will watch out for that.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

DH has lots to be proud of. Not only does the grass look great but the trees are blooming and that makes for a grand smile!

Diesel sounds hilarious. ;) A dog after my own heart.

quiltteacher said...

Tell DH, his grass looks great!

mamaspark said...

My friend calls those "welfare bones". The lawn looks great!