10 July, 2008

The Mouse and The Memory Stick

I was summoned to the basement workshop this morning via an urgent shout, the kind of shout I dread, it rang out carrying the tone that I associate with injury. I flew down the steps to (thankfully!) find my husband smiling victoriously, his foot planted on the bottom of an inverted corrugated cardboard box. "I have a mouse," he announced, "help me find something to slide under the box so that I can move him outside". Once I had regained my breath and was able to analyze the situation, I knew I had just the thing; quilters are always prepared! I brought him a sheet of template plastic, it did the trick; slipped right under the box and contained the "guest" for transport. The mouse has been granted his freedom once again, he must have come in when the garage door was open and was as happy to be back outside as we were to have him there! Hannes was highly insulted that he wasn't called upon as the resident expert; after all, that kind of hide and seek is exactly what God created him to do! " Mouse? Let me at him... I'll find the mouse... I'll get him... I've got the nose for it... Where'd he go? Hey, where'd he go?..."

I had an e-mail from Sony this morning. The memory card for my camera has been received at their repair center and they contacted me with a replacement/repair estimate that exceeds the cost of a new one! I've been given a toll free number to call with my credit card so that they can appropriately charge me and send the replacement. I don't think so! My camera was a Christmas gift, I've had it not even seven months! The card became defective a few weeks ago and I called Sony service. The tech-help guy assured me (during a one hour ,YES!, telephone conversation) that I was eligible for a free(!) replacement and proceeded to list the steps that I needed to take for service to receive the free card. I followed them, every one, in order. Now this. Arrggh! Why, I ask, would I have taken all these steps and mailed the defective card, at my own expense, only to receive an estimate that's higher than purchasing a new one? That's just crazy.

My husband offered to intervene, he said he'd gladly call and talk to the repair center for me.
Wow, that's nice! It's wonderful having my husband at home... first the mouse, and now this.
Update: After another HOUR on the telephone, with three different individuals, Sony has agreed that the memory card was under warranty and will replace it at "no cost" to us!

Customer Service, gotta love it...
Life is Good!


Kim West said...

I refuse to buy another sony product, especially cameras. I sent in my camera, under warranty, and they lost it. They tried to blame UPS - stating that UPS had it (even though their scans didn't show it) and wasn't shipping because of RAIN. After a month, they refunded my money I paid for it, and I went out and bought a Kodak.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

I think I could really get used to having DH home. And here I thought he was going to distrupt my sense of order.

...now Hannes, he has every reason to be up in arms. First we have to deal with CATS and now the only REAL LIFE treat for what NATURE INTENDED - and he can't have it?

I may sent him his "On Strike" Banner. This is almost abuse.

I got your back Hannes, don't worry!

Mice in the Mail Love, *karendianne. / Living Life at LeeHaven

zizzybob said...

Customer service anywhere....................no comment!

mamaspark said...

See Haines, cats *are8* good for something!! I bet there was no mouse on his watch (or at least that's what that darned cat would say!) Glad to hear you are rodent free and camera card replaced for free too!

Salem Stitcher said...

I think it's sweet that he caught the mouse instead of killing it on sight.

Glad to hear Sony finally did the right thing but hate you lost hours of your life dealing with it. Whatever happened to "the customer is always right"?

Candace said...

Husbands can be very handy, even worth cleaning up after. I think I'll go give mine a hug.

KarenF said...

Who says chivalry is dead, huh? ;-)

Todd, Kari, Anna and Gracie said...

((SMILE)) It sounds like you a up and down day!! I am happy to hear about the mouse. Very sweet!

Now...to hear about you staying on the phone for over an hour~ that would of REALLY upset me!! It sounded like you handled just like a lady would!!! Way to go!


Libby said...

Good for you and Hubby for sticking with it and demanding customer service. While there is little to none to be found in most places these days, I think most companies count on us to cave in in exasperation rather than wait the hours, wading through personnel to get what is rightfully ours in the first place *s*

Nan said...

I'm sure Hannes was MORE than willing to "help" with the mouse! My girls would have said the same. I think customer "service" just ain't what it used to be years ago. I'm glad you finally got it resolved - hooray for hubby!