05 July, 2008

New Beginnings

This is our godson, his wife and their baby son. We've had the honor and privilege of them living nearby while she completed her pediatric residency at a teaching hospital here. They came, as newlyweds, from Pennsylvania three years ago when she graduated from medical school. Not only have they been like our own family while they've lived here but they were part of our church family, too! And now there's a new baby, one more to love. I snapped this photograph yesterday before they drove off, they had stopped for a short visit and to tell us good-bye. They're leaving; heading back to the Keystone state and a happy life full of new beginnings. We're going to miss them greatly. They have enriched our lives and blessed us with friendship and a treasure-trove of rich memories. We wish them only lives full of happiness and abundant joy; exactly what they brought to ours, just thirty-six short months ago, we've been the lucky ones! God's speed, you three~

Life is Good!


Todd, Kari, Anna and Gracie said...

Happy Day to you Mrs. Goodneedle!! I was sooo thrilled to read through the posts that I have missed these past few days. LOVE the baby spit-up cloths....I love how they can form to your shoulder!! It sounds like you had some side turns making them....but they worth it!!

Have a great weekend and I am soooo happy that hubby is relaxing! When my parents retired...I saw a little change in them little by little...they have been happy and relaxed ever since..lol.. You both deserve that! Talk to you soon. How's your daughter? I hope she is relaxed...soon to give birth might make it hard.


Ancestor Collector said...

29 years ago, when Hubby and I asked you and Mr. G. to be our first-born's godparents, little did we know what an impact you would have on his life as a grown man. Your love, kindness, care and concern for him and his familywhile they've been there has been a joy for them and for us. I was always comforted knowing they had "parents" near by. I'm sad that they're leaving you but I know you'll be keeping tabs on them as they begin another chapter of their lives.

Many, many thanks, and lots of love.

meggie said...

What a beautiful photo of a happy family! You have been blessed to share their lives.

mamaspark said...

What a wonderful post! How nice that you were able to share in that special time in their lives. God is good!

Nane said...

How Sweet, I look forward to sharing with my new God daughter all the chapters in her life as well. I know this young man couldn't have asked for any better set of God parents.