14 May, 2012

Playing Ketchup

No, not that type of "ketchup", but the one where I bring you up to speed with all  some of what  a few things that occurred during my self-imposed "time out". There was a LOT going on... before and during the multiple health crises.

Graduation, It's That Time Again: 
There were quilts needing attention, for the high school graduates from our church, eleven this year! The fleece backs needed embroidery and  layering, they were stitched along the edges before being returned to the Quilt Ministry for tying. This action shot shows machine multi-tasking at its best!

I did them in small batches, three and four at a time.
Here's one stack, a week's worth, ready to go down to church.

Retreat Highlights:
There was a quilting retreat, too! Here are some squares laid on the carpet in my bedroom at our retreat lodge. Our nephew and his wife will be welcoming a baby son in June, when his name is revealed it will be appliqued in place on the lighter brick (next to the bottom row, far right) in the deep blue fabric, and likewise bound in that color. These fabrics are from the Riley Blake for Moda "Scoot" line. I love them!

Nane pieced a baby quilt!
Quiltkeemosabe wowed us with this setting of Aunt Millie's Garden.
Since she "downsized" hers from twelve to nine blocks she is referring 
to this one as Aunt Millie's Condo Garden! Quiltkeemosabe introduced us to the Circle Of  Nine  
book a while ago, it offers terrific, creative setting options for nine blocks.
This is just one stunning example from the book.

Sandra laid out all the components for a wonderful, whimsical, folk art quilt for Fall!
Muriel completed a top for an upcoming family wedding gift,
it was nothing short of elegant!
Another wedding quilt, this one by Cyndi...
the colors were glorious!
Nane set together a quilt top from a stack of previously completed blocks-of-the-month.
This is yet another setting from the Circle of Nine book! Isn't it great?

Cyndi sat and hand-stitched the binding down on this GORGEOUS Swoon quilt.
I had to be careful and keep my distance, I was afraid I might just drool on it!

On The Home Front:
Gregory came for several overnights at Nana and Paw Paw's house.
Here he waits, patiently, to give the neighboring horses an afternoon snack!

There was a quick trip to the Capital City for more grandbaby hugs, too!

My husband continues to delight us with the fruits of his newest woodworking hobby!
Here are two boxes, examples of segmented turning:
a Mama keepsake box (and her baby, made from the scraps).

Out And About:
I could write a book about the goings-on at the hospital, I won't do that today*.
This photo I took  as I walked down one of the corridors when I was visiting Mom.
Window-washers working with the reflection of the opposite side of the hospital revealed;
here they are dangling six, seven and eight stories up. This has to be one of the world's scariest jobs! 
*I will, however, post a few installments of tales from the Emergency Department, stay tuned.

Notice this Van Gogh-esque panel in the hospital elevator, 
can't you just imagine that stitched out as an excellent quilting background?
Inspiration is everywhere!

We were lucky to be able to attend the annual Dulcimer Festival Concert a week ago Saturday night at a local church. Here Kendra Ward (hammered dulcimer) and her husband, 
Bob Bence (guitar) filled the air with some of the loveliest sounds this side of Heaven.
I need to load up my I-pod with some dulcimer tunes, the music is so incredibly relaxing!

That's it. I'm done playing ketchup.
It's time to move on...

pass the mustard!
Life is Good!


Nane said...

Those bowls are incredible, and glad to see you are getting through your graduation quilts...maybe things will start to get back to normal (albiet a busy as usual normal)

Cheryl said...

Your husbands wood work is amazing!! Love the retreat report...great projects. That is a big stack of graduation quilts. Such sweet pictures of your grands...wow they are so precious and have gotten so big! You are one busy lady for sure.

quiltkeemosabe said...

I read your "ketchup" with RELISH!!!!! (couldn't resist)

quiltkeemosabe said...

I guess that was a "cheesy" response!!!!!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Great (!!) post - wonderful family photos . . . hugs and good thoughts to all!!!!!

Karen Newman Fridy said...

Tell Mr. G that I'm swooning over his turned woodworking! And I LOVE your window washers photo...that's gallery worthy!

Thanks for sharing photos from retreat...I'm looking forward to going again in the fall!

LizA. said...

Wow! All kinds of wonderful stuff. Nobody can call you a slacker! I can fix you up with some dulcimer tunes. The Bearded One has been playing hammered dulcimer on & off for years and we have quite an assortment of music featuring both hammered & mountain dulcimers.

Janet O. said...

Do you want the Dijon or the Spicy brown?
Nice to get caught up on your goings on.
Mr G. needs an etsy shop! Hard to put a price on that beautiful handcraftsmanship.
I love hammered dulcimer music. Looks like a wonderful evening.

Paula TheQuilter said...

Wow, it's nice to get up to speed on what's been happening around your place. I bet those grad quilts are loved a lot.

Ancestor Collector said...

Oh my, Quiltkeemosabe and I had the exact same reaction to this post. I just "relished" all your news and photos! It's so nice to get all caught up again, and especially wonderful to see photos of you and the family. :-)

Salem Stitcher said...

That photo of Gregory just steals my heart! So sweet!

AnnieO said...

Busy busy busy! Glad you're having no trouble filling up your days :)