02 January, 2015

Chain Piecing For Accuracy

When I'm putting together most blocks based on rows ( I am using a nine patch here for demonstration purposes, but any row-based block can be put together similarly; four, nine or sixteen patch block) I usually put them together with the following chain piecing method. I will lay the block out in front of me with the squares or pieced units in their designated spots. I join the left row to the center row, (top to bottom) without cutting the thread between the rows.
Without clipping any threads the far right row (top to bottom) is placed,
right sides together, on top of the center row and stitched.

Stitching the second row together by chain piecing.

The block as it appears with the thread bridges in place; don't clip! Press the seam allowances in opposite directions: in this block I pressed away from the small green squares and toward the center on the top and bottom rows and away from the large center green square in that middle row. Now it's time to pin and stitch the the rows together; the opposing seams (with the thread bridges) will nestle in and align perfectly. Once upon a time I pieced a small wallhanging together in this manner, quilt blocks were chain pieced in vertical rows one after another with thread bridges holding the entire quilt top together before joining the horizontal rows; I did have to take special care that the blocks didn't twist when using this method. If you haven't chain pieced a block together before you may want to give it a try... it's a new year after all... time to try something different and fun; I believe you'll be happy with the end result!
VoilĂ !
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Wendy Luane Barber said...

That is good. You make it look so easy. Even though I've been quilting for some 10 years now, I'm still finding putting them together fascinating. Thanks for showing this.

Janet O. said...

This is my "go to" method, as well. I have seen people "web" whole large quilts this way, though I find that unwieldy. I have done many small quilts in this manner and find it very handy to have the quilt all laid out on a design board beside my machine as I work. That way nothing gets out of order--well, USUALLY nothing gets out of order. : )

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I've done chain piecing as long as I've quilted but always cut the threads, so this is a new tool for me. I so appreciate it especially when I'll be teaching my grand daughters a simple nine patch pattern this month.
Hugs, Noreen

Nane said...

Hmmmm interesting

Laura Davies said...

Great tip! I love chain piecing:)

Beatrice said...

Hello, I've recently stumbled upon your blog. I really like the block you used in this article. You say it's based on a nine-patch and I recognise an Ohio star but with extra "corners". Do you know whether this block has a specific name? Thank you.Beatrice (from France).