17 June, 2016

Coming Clean

My husband is taking apart a 1950  Farmall tractor and restoring it; piece by piece. The laundry challenges produced by 60+ year old dirt and grease are daunting. I had never tried Fels-Naptha before. From here on in it will be my go-to product. It's no wonder that it's been around since 1894, this simple bar works, as advertised. My laundry room is now fully equipped.
Life is Good!


LizA. said...

I've never tried it either but I guess I will now. Thanks for the tip.

45th Parallel Quilter said...

I've been using this soap since Hector was a pup. My "go to" resource for those impossible stains and everything comes out so clean and fresh smelling!

Janet O. said...

The best stain remover ever!! I was introduced to it when my oldest was a baby--removed all of the spit up stains. Have kept a bar of it on hand ever since. I'm with you on this one! : )