21 July, 2006

Disconnected? Maybe not!

Random thoughts from The Strawberry Patch…

We had some significant weather at the end of last week, strong thunderstorms that come crashing in at the end of some hot summer days; replacing the heat with cool, clean evening air after the storms had passed. The heat was not all they took, but our electricity one night and our phone service the next. We have only recently been equipped with a DSL line for our Internet connection; we lost that too, with the phone. The next morning the phone was reconnected. Not the Internet. I was assured by the phone service provider that we would be reconnected soon. It was a full six days before we were connected to the world again, the lightning did much damage to the box where the modem comes from out at the end of our street and replacement parts had to be ordered and installed; that all takes time.

For six days I had no e-mail, no web access, no instant messaging and no online communication of any kind with my friends and family. At first I found this frustrating. I used the phone more and talked, really talked, to my friends and children rather than IM’ing. I realized how I treasure the sounds of their voices, so precious they are to me.
I sewed in the studio uninterrupted for hours on end, no need to get up and check my in-box. I monogrammed towels for my daughter, I pieced a quilt top, I machine quilted a long-basted quilt. I found this time reflective and peaceful. I contemplated future projects and cleaned out a closet. I read some long ago laid aside magazine articles.
I visited with my neighbor while walking the dog. I accomplished many things.
I am back on-line again, and I’m grateful. It’s easy to take instant communication and connectivity for granted. It’s fast, it’s convenient; but, it’s certainly not everything.
Call someone you love on the phone, delight in the pure pleasure of hearing their voice!

Slow down and take the time to communicate, really connect with the people around you. Take time for you! You’ll be rewarded more than you can imagine.
And, don’t be surprised if your productivity rises too, a fringe benefit.

Life is good!


Brooklyn said...

I think that in todays day and age it is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everday life that we forget the little things.... the things that we used to slow down and enjoy. We live in a world that demands instant gratification and only when that ability is ripped from us do we realize how great it is to slow down.

I use email and IM so much that now when I get a hand written note or card I tend to treasure it so much more..... because I know that person took time out of their busy day just for me.

Beverly said...

awwww...Kyle's mom..so true so true!!