11 August, 2006

Living and Loving Through Losing...

It's been a long summer of loss. I will attend yet another funeral this coming Sunday afternoon for someone I have known and loved, it will be the fourth funeral I will have attended since early July. Three of the funerals have been at my own church, I attended one last weekend for a dear quilting friend at her church, it is her service that has been at the front of my mind all week. At her Memorial family and friends spoke in turn of her adventerous spirit, of her deep affection for people and animals, of her true Christian heart, of her patience, her singing, her commited prayer life, and how blessed we all were to have counted her among our friends. How true. Her incredibly beautiful and meticulously hand stitched Baltimore Album quilt hung at the front of the church. It whispered to me... "I am love, I am love..." for that was she. My friend was the embodiment of love. Everything she did, everything she touched, everyone she knew felt it... love. Pure love. That was her.
That love, and the way she lived should serve as one glowing example to each of us as how Christ would have us to live, as His living, loving servants.
Thanks to all the saints gone before us, you show us the way.
Sadly, it is through these personal losses this summer that I am strengthened to be the best, loving person that I can be for those around me. For those that I love. I can do nothing less.
Heaven has gained what we have lost, and what a glorious homecoming for my dear friends...
I have had some wonderful teachers. Thanks be to God.

Life is good!


Brooklyn said...

Losing people is never any easy thing to handle. But let's look on the other side for a moment..... this summer wasn't all about losing.....

You gained:
#1 - ME!!!! (I mean that alone should make you want to jump up and down in the middle of the street)
#2 - Harley.... she likes you just because you are Hannes's mom
#3 - an incredible growning vine!!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Thanks, Discom! I count my blessings everyday and they only continue to multiply!:)

Flake said...

Now Discom.. you know they dont have streets in Pfafftown. Just dirt roads!

The funeral this weekend is going to be a tough one for many. Just to think of the many, many peoples lives he has touched.

The countless Sundays (although some time ago) he helped the old folk down the stairs that were decades younger than him.

The time when I was young and he prepared me with answers he was going to ask at my school about bee keeping (and then I was sick the day he came).

Handing out brown paper sacks filled with fruit, nuts and candy after the annual Christmas Pagent. I still remember how those bags smelled the mix of all the smells together. Not to mention, I think he always gave me the fullest of bags.

On a final note, I did not know for the longest time that you could actually buy honey in a jar. I always thought that the plastic bear with the yellow top and black cap was the only way it came.

Yes, Mr. Barkley may be gone but my memories of him will live on forever.

*karendianne. said...

Thank you for sharing Faye with me. I love that you had this relationship. I really enjoyed reading how her quilt hung in the front of the Church and whispered to you. Wow.