18 August, 2006

Undercover Bobo

"C'mon... It's Really Mine, Right?"

My husband has been bothered by neck pain, it all started after he installed a coffered ceiling in our family room. Months perched on top of a ladder fitting and installing intricately hand-cut angled moulding strips; plus, sanding and painting them, can take it's toll. Two visits to the Dr. and an MRI revealed a bone spur between vertebrae 5 & 6. In an effort to alleviate pain and the accompanying arm numbness, Motrin combined with a U-shaped pillow to support his neck, has proved somewhat successful. I found this pillow at Brookstone at our local mall. Ours is covered with a soft, fleece cover in a natural oatmeal-color.
Any similarities between this neck pillow and our dog's favorite toy from PetSmart were lost on me... but not on the dog!

Hannes was completely baffled by the fact that "Dad" was putting a perfectly good dog toy around his neck! He had no choice but to whine, bark and make his most pathetic attempts to wrestle the neck pillow off of Dad's neck. Offering other dog toys, even a tattered version of the toy of mistaken identity, "Bobo", did little to pacify him. He finally resigned himself to lying down flat and placing his head and neck squarely over his front paws and looking us at us in the most adorable manner, as if to say, "C'mon, it's really mine, right?"

No, we didn't cave. It was hard, though; we're getting tough in our old age, it's taken years of practice!

Life is good!


Jim V said...

Well, you did say it's oatmeal covered. Are you sure the little guy isn't just hungry?

Oh wait, I misread. Oatmeal COLORED... my bad.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Yeah, right... the neck pillow had failed to get Hannes' attention so we used the old trick of applying a thick food covering so he'd be sure to notice! Seriously, though...if you've ever seen the PetSmart ad with the dachshund and his "Bobo" that's exactly how Hannes is with his beloved dog toy, it's hard to get it away from him, but last night he gladly would have accpted a neck pillow substitute! Go figure...