11 September, 2006

Change of Perspective

It's subtle. The air is cooler, drier, these early mornings when I take the dog out before the sun comes up. In the still darkness I slip a zip-front sweatshirt on over my pajamas and clip on his leash. A dried leaf crackles underfoot as I lead him down the driveway. My perspective has changed. I'm thinking about planting chrysanthemums and pansies, replacing the bloom-weary geraniums and gerbers in the pots on the patio. Football has replaced reality programming on evening television. Yellow school buses are out and about again, forcing me to slow down and meet their 'start and stop' route pace. Seasons are changing, again. Nothing is static. I have the opportunity to change too; to come closer to that person that God wants me to be. It's subtle; yet I can sense a change that's God driven, a change of perspective.

Change is growth. Growth is life.
Life is Good!

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Jim V said...

It must be a family thing. I love fall. I LOVE fall. Did I mention that I love fall?

It's about 64 degrees right now, and I'm watching a soaking rain with the occassional gentle thunder. Nothing like the bomb-shelter inspiring storms of spring that have you sitting by the window so you can be sure to hear the tornado sirens go off.

Today is a tall glass of water from God for every plant we toil over throughout the summer. Drink up fellas! I can actually picture the water soaking through the blanket of mulch and soaking the roots.

The temperature is what gets me. I love it. I just told Lisa last night that I was excited that her fall wardrobe would start to eek its way to the surface over the next few weeks.

And don't get me started on the colors changing. I mean, I'm born of a man that chose the location of his home based mainly on the magnificence of the fall colors in the area.

The other thing that fall means is that Lisa will likely begin quilting again soon. She doesn't much in the summer with time spent on gardening, fixing up the outside of the house, etc. Falls brings with it a little bit more spare time for things like quilting, reading, and so on.

Falls rocks!!! Great post.