14 September, 2006


My batteries need recharging. I've been busy lately, really busy! Coordinating and organizing a regional women's gathering to be held at our church at the end of the month. Planning a week away with my husband in a little over a week (and all the loose ends that need tying up before we leave home). Deadlines looming on some projects, yes, I know; some of these deadlines are self-imposed! Plus, day to day living squeezed in around the edges! Whew!! I thought the recharging would come during the week away. Silly me. I've been slammed down into enforced recharge mode now. Sore throat, headache, all-over general yuck. That's the official medical term, "yuck", and that's what I seem to have contracted (yep, if fish can get something called "ich" then people can come down with "yuck"). So, I'll stay home today with my box of tissues. I'll stay warm and dry and catch up on things I need to finish; all the while sniffling, sneezing and drinking lots of liquids. I'm in the recharger, waiting for the green light to come back on, I pray it's not too long. I'm setting it for "quick charge" and hoping for the best!
I only think I'm in control; I know I'm not, but I have a very short memory...
I'm forever grateful that God always knows what I need.
(... and forgives me for the memory thing...)

Life is Good!

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