01 October, 2006

Home Again...

A normal schedule of posts will begin tomorrow, reports from my awesome week away.
In the meantime, a photo from last Sunday; fellow bloggers (and family) reunited:
L-R: Mrs. Goodneedle, Watersoul, Breathe, Jim V., Little Rebecca (camera shy?) and the shy one's mother (an imposter... no blogs from her!!) how did she sneak in? Thanks, Breathe and Watersoul for a perfectly wonderful afternoon once we FINALLY found you! Your gracious hospitality is deeply appreciated, as was the very special cake!...and just for the record...
you're no corq dorqs! :)

Ah, Life is Good!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you made it home safely. It was so great to see you both! Thank you again for the wine bottle candle holder -- it now holds a prominent location at the center of our dining room table.

All our love,
Bill and Paula (aka breathe and watersoul)

>8 ^ ]

Jim V said...

HEY!!! I thought I was taller than Breathe....

This is the first time in history that Little Rebecca was camera shy.

Great to see you both. Hope to do so again asap!