13 October, 2006

Your Lucky Day!

Today's your lucky day, regardless of what it says on the calendar this month! I'm adding to my "Favorite Things" list from last week and am letting you in on my latest find:It's called the "Scrub and Wipe" sponge by O-Cel-O. I received mine from a friend, it was included in a box along with other birthday surprises. She attached a "sticky note" to it, claiming; "it's be best sponge ever to hit the dish water". OK, I trust her judgement, and immediately set out to let it live up to her claim. I wasn't disappointed. Nothing will stick to it, nothing! I found more of them at Target. Check around where you live.
It's the little things... y'know?

Life is Good!

1 comment:

Shelina said...

I will definitely have to look for that. Good cleaning tools, like good quilting tools, are an investment.