02 November, 2006

Kids Today!

Remember when Paul Lynde asked that rhetorical question in Bye-Bye, Birdie-"what's the matter with kids today?"We brought Mom to our house after church last Sunday for dinner. I drove her home after that, as my husband was on the roof with the satellite guy*; yes, on a SUNDAY! When I pulled into her driveway her yard was crawling with kids... kids with rakes... the youth group from our church, to be exact! They had come to rake her yard, and they did a fine job; not leaving before all the leaves were in big, neat piles beside the street. She never wanted to be "that lady", the one who seemingly required help simply because she'd outlived her husband. I explained to her that the kids were there because she was a faith model to them, not because they felt sorry for her. You couldn't fault these youth for their lack of enthusiasm, not having cheerful spirits, or being unwilling to serve. We were witnessing young faith in action... so; what's the matter with kids today?

Apparently, nothing at all!
Life is Good...

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Susan said...

Good point! We are supposed to be giving, so someone has to be receiving. It's hard if she's always been on the other end, though!