16 November, 2006

Twenty-One Birds

Twenty-One Birds by: Sue Nickels /40" X 46"

I attended a workshop taught by Sue Nickels yesterday, Twenty-One Birds. It was a technique class, raw edge fusible machine applique. Without a doubt she is the best prepared, most organized and accomplished teacher I have ever had the privilege of learning from. Her demos at the machine were aided by a small camera that projected the image to a full size screen behind her, she also used a microphone so that everyone could hear; this completely eliminated treks back and forth to the teacher's table and maximized sewing time for the sudents. This was the second time I have taken instruction from her; believe me, every minute is well spent. Sue is helpful, generous, informative and fun! I completed only one bird, but came away with a wealth of knowledge and many wonderful memories.

Life is Good!


Flake said...

I have a feeling that had you not been chatting with your "ironing partner" you may have been able to complete 2 birds..... Just a hunch... :P

quiltkeemosabe said...

As one of her "ironing" companions, I think I need to let you know that I don't think anyone completed more than 1 bird! But I will tell you I think she is the only one who got her picture taken with the teacher!

Shelina said...

I've never had a class with her, but it certainly sounds like a good one. When are you going to make the other 20 birds, so that one won't be lonely?