10 November, 2006

Update on Kyle

We had a long day at the hospital yesterday. We arrived shortly after 8 AM for his scheduled labs that were to be performed prior to 11 AM surgery. The surgery was pushed back... way back... and he didn't end up going in until 4 PM. Patience was in short supply by that time. We talked with his surgeon a little after 7 PM, he came out as soon as he had finished; things went well. Kyle now has a plate and eight screws holding the tibial plateau back together. The tibial plateau is the top of the bone directly beneath the knee; there were two fractures, coming in at opposite angles and rising to an intersecting apex right at the top of the plateau. They are both stabilized and associated cartilage and meniscus damage have been repaired as well. He has been placed in an "immobilizer" (looks like a soft honeycomb leg wrap) for the next two days, while he's in the hospital, and will advance to a hinged brace upon discharge. We visited with Kyle last evening after he returned to a room on the Orthopedic floor, he was groggy and nauseated from the anesthesia; but happy to have the surgery behind him at long last. Please continue to keep Kyle in your prayers for patience with himself and his recovery as he begins down the long 'healing road' ahead. He will be fine, with time, we are deeply thankful for the skilled hands and enthusiastic determination of his surgeon and the caring support of Kyle's friends and family!

Life is Good!
Thanks be to God.


Anonymous said...

We're so relieved the surgery went well. Hang in there Kyle! Do what the doctors say and get well soon.

Jim V said...

One day at a time with the recovery. The day after I came home from my brain surgery I decided I wanted to go downstairs to relax and watch TV, a little sick of laying in bed. I forgot, in my dazed state, that I'm 6'2" tall and I have to bend over to avoid clipping the ceiling on the stairs.


Smacked my head right into the ceiling only three days after brain surgery! I'm no brain surgeon, but I was pretty sure that was bad.

So I recommend, when you really just want to get out of bed and go downstairs, consider just staying in bed.

So now we both have screws holding us together: me in my head, you in your leg. The good news? Years later it's nothing more than a fun story to tell. It won't always be frustrating.

One day at a time Cuz.

P.S. There are a variety of tricks to be played on Mom pursuant to the screws holding you together. My favorite was complaining of a headache for two days, then sneezing at dinner with a tiny screw in my hand, claiming it came out of my head.

That was fun....

Anonymous said...

Oh, what an ordeal and what a long, long day. Guess the only thing you can do is figure there were dire emergencies that caused the postponement, and be thankful y'all weren't one of them.

Brooklyn said...