22 January, 2007

Memory Stick

My husband was cleaning out a drawer in his study, he found a memory stick and put it on my desk in the studio. It was the trial stick that came with the camera, only 16 MB; I never even realized that I had used it at all. We bought the camera when we were living in Puerto Rico five years ago... on our second "tour" there. Apparently I had tried out the stick that came with our new purchase, in and around Old San Juan that day. I am so happy that this memory stick has been found, it's jogged my own! These images are priceless to me, another place, another time; and just the thing for a cold and sleety January day! He and I lived on the island without children this time around, we were in the initial stages of setting up the new 'empty nest' stage of our lives together. The sweetest thing about these photos is the fact that they are a "gift", they came as grace comes... not expected, not searched for, undeserved. They just appeared! Saturday, June 8, 2002. That's the date on the upload.View of the pool house from our Villa in Palmas del Mar-- Humacao, PR
Summer 2002

Life is Good!


Lisa said...

On Sunday our pastor taught us a new word (new to me, anyway)..Laniappe, pronounced Lan Yapp. It is Cajun and it means, basically, grace. Just a little more, a little extra, with no expectation of anything in return, just because. It is the name of a new church that has just turned one year old in Mississippi, in the wake of Katrina.

Finding your photos is Laniappe. :) Lovely photo, too. When I first saw the title, I thought of a wand. lol It took me a moment to catch up with the technological age.

I found you through Sioux's blog, by the way.

Sheila said...

Lovely pictures is right. We up here in the Great White North need a shot of sunshine to cheer us, and this hits the spot.
What fun..I must look for mine..who knows what I may find..!

Ancestor Collector said...

These photos are gorgeous! To have lived there for a little while is such a blessing. The palm trees have me really looking forward to California next week!

Shelina said...

These photos are beautiful, and to be reminded that you have been someplace like that, especially when the weather where you are isn't quite the same as the photo.