15 January, 2007

Monday, A Potpourri Of Things...

First, congratulations again to Debbi of DubiQuilts for submitting the winning name, "Kaleidoscope Stars" for my heretofore-unnamed Stack and Whack. Her prizes are pictured here, four fantastic fat quarters hand selected from Mrs. Goodneedle's personal stash, a clover marking pen and the "best in the world" dish sponge of all time! Hey, we can't be quilting ALL the time, right? They will be postmarked to Debbi in the morning. I will stop at the Post Office on my way to...

Block of the Month at my LQS!

Here are this past month's blocks:
I am working on both colorways; I hope to keep the traditional and give the lights and brights to my daughter. This block is called "Richmond Square", and I just love it. These blocks are constructed using Marti Michell's "Perfect Patchwork Templates". These are great, so helpful as a way to line up triangles for perfect points everytime... it's all in the double-blunt corners engineered for exact alignment, they really do work!

I have spent most of today in "scrap reduction" mode. I have turned stored boxes of:
Into piles of:

These strips were then, in turn, placed in bins for string piecing when I attend a quilt retreat weekend at the end of the month. I hope to piece at least one String-X quilt while I'm away. Thanks, Laurie Ann for the idea!

Can anyone out there tell me why I was ever keeping pieces this big?

Not anymore I'm not!

Life is Good... and thanks for playing!


meggie said...

Congratulations to Debbi! Well done, & it is really a suitable name.
I have been seeing a lot of these strip or string quilt blocks. I will have to try some, as a way of using all my fiddly little scraps! Being a hoarder, I cant bear to throw them out, & the soon mount up. They always are handy for applique, but my applique is not growing as fast as the scraps!!

His Office, My Studio said...

I will be waiting for the mail man. I am not sure what to do with the sponge, but my husband will.

Thanks for the gifts!

quiltkeemosabe said...

I could tell you what I'd do with those little scraps, but then I"m already drowning in my own scrap collection!!!! But they can be used!!

Ancestor Collector said...

Congratulations to Debbi! I voted for her suggestion because it really captured the quilt. This was a fun little contest and I'm sure she'll be very excited to receive her prize!

Shelina said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Your comment was no reply so I am posting my reply here. I do like to spice up my blog with something besides my words, so I like it when blogger lets me post a photo. Sometimes I just don't have any quilt progress photos to show, so I like having a stock of photos I can add. I'm glad that you enjoy them. Thanks to your encouragement, I might venture outside in the cold to take some more shots today.

Shelina said...

You've been busy doing lots of fun things. Those blocks are pretty, and so good of you to cut up your scraps. Mine are bunched up in boxes and whatever space I can find.
I like to keep the tiny scraps for postcards. I am a hoarder too, and have a hard time throwing things out.