14 January, 2007


Polls close today!
(At midnight, local time)
You have one more chance to vote and "Name That Quilt" for me.
You can view the quilt and vote in my sidebar.
Remember, there are prizes involved for the lucky person who submitted the winning name.
All prizes WILL be awarded... ("what are the prizes", you may be asking yourself... )*
at this point there are two definite contenders.

Life is Good!

* (sometimes the best things in life are a surprises! Stay tuned, all will be revealed...)


Simonetta said...

I will be happy to make a postcard for you, indeed, for me is a fun!!! I love a lot to make the Postcard.
They is as of the mini quilts LOL...Thank you very much,my child is well, doesn't have pain but it is very swollen has a few of fear for the surgery!

Teodo said...

I'm very impatient to know the name of the quilt. I hope the one I voted will vin!

Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

Waiting with baited breath (whatever that is) for the reveal!