19 February, 2007

For The Birds

We had to replace our finch feeder last week; the type we have used in the past, with it's rainbow-hued perches, was wildly popular with the birds and what we expected to buy. It's been discontinued, always our luck, the lady in the wild-bird store suggested this one. I was a bit skeptical, the thing that helped to sway me over was the fact that this feeder holds 3.5 lbs. of seed, less trips outside for me to fill it! But, could the birds be convinced? Would they make the switch? It looked so completely different, and I knew they could be finicky. It took a full day, since that time it's been occupied full time. The finches fly in and take a place anywhere on the one-piece spiral perch, then they proceed to align themselves directly in front of a tiny opening to reach the thistle seed, this action typically moves all the birds downward and the bottom bird is then displaced, which sets off a flapping, fluttering commotion! This bird will then fly back up to the top, alight, and initiate yet another 'chain reaction'... this happens over and over, all day long. It would make a better video here than a still photo... you'll have to take my word for that.

This is highly entertaining to watch, all for the price of birdseed, and occurs right outside my sewing room window! What could be better? (Maybe one that holds 5 lbs!)

Life is Good!


Unknown said...

The bird feeder sounds like a lot of fun. At home we have two nesting houses and the first birds are taking a quick view to see if they will fit. Maybe they want to check if their quilts will match the houses (blue)! I wish you luck with the tearing away of paper. I know the problem as well and it is not my favorite part in quilting!

CONNIE W said...

I would love to look out my window and see finches but they are a rarity at this home; but we do enjoy hummingbirds during the warm weather. Your feeder looks terrific!

Rebekah Smith said...

I would find it hard to sew watching the finches. They are so much fun..What more could you want