13 February, 2007

For The Love Of A Child

Yes, I do actually finish quilts! I felt it necessary to clear my name after posting so much about my UFO's lately. If any of you have read my blogger profile I mention there the fact that children's quilts are my passion, it's the truth. I would rather be making learning quilts for children than any other type. I bought a copy of Ami Simm's "Picture Play Quilts" back in 2000, that was the beginning of my love affair with novelty fabrics. The affection hasn't waned. This quilt, pictured at left: "Do You See What I See... Bee's Knees and Monkeys in Trees", is the latest one completed, it features 4 inch "spotlight" novelties and "all-overs" plus a crazy-pieced border. It received an "HM" in it's category at NC Quilt Symposium last June. Over the years I have made many quilts from the patterns in the afore-mentioned book, my goal is to make up one from each pattern listed (there are seventeen); I'm well on my way! It takes awhile to collect the necessary ingredients; many, many novelties. I started out by buying some and then joined a few swaps, that helped enormously in building my cache in the beginning.

The patterns are all based on 2,3, and 4" squares; I have cut many of these and sorted them accordingly, that way they're ready to go when I am!
I have more, folded fat quarters; filed for future use, or for swapping:And some, too lovely to cut at all (!); like this Red Riding Hood print:These quilts have raised money for auctions to benefit children's causes, and have been gifts bestowed upon some of the very special 'little ones' in my life. They can be played with, snuggled under and used as a teaching tool to reinforce counting, matching, color recognition and memory skills! What could be better than to share the love of a quilt with a child as they grow, and learn? Not one thing that I can think of!
I've made at least one a year for the past six years, here's a few:

"Hugs and Kisses" 2001 and 2003, respectively.

~"Rebecca's Quilt" 2002~

~"Child's Play" 2004~

"Sweet Dreams and Popsicles" 2006 (front)

"Sweet Dreams and Popsicles" (back)
(Machine quilted with "glow-in-the-dark" thread!)

Do you have novelties lying around and no idea what to do with them,
or, why you bought them?
Go, ahead...grab them and stitch them up, for the best reason of all:
For The Love Of A Child!

Life is Good!


Teodo said...

Your quilt is very nice! If I had it when I was a teacher I would have use it with children to talk in an easier way through images! ciao, ciao.

Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

These are mighty fine quilts! I've never dabbled in novelties and kiddy prints at all. Closest is 30s . . . .

Laurie Ann said...

Cool quilts! Those patterns would work well with my doggie novelties.

Carol said...

I absolutely love the "Popsicle" one! I know it's just the back, but that is very cool!

Like I'm sure you need MORE ideas, but I wonder if there's a fabric printed with the alphabet in sign language. Those would be some cool blocks!

bingo~bonnie said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog ;c) the noodles are 2.5" cuts from selvege selvege - so they are skinny and long ;)

I love your post today! Just the inspriation I needed. I have Ami's book you mentioned also and noticed that boarder looked like what she calls off the floor boarder. I haven't made any of her patterns yet but have been collecting fabrcis for over a year.

I did participate in a I-spy fabric swap and got back lots of variety - that really is the best way to collect - otherwise, you end up spending a fortune! My goal is to get a small toddler size quilt put together and done before Dec. and give to my daughter for Christmas.

Thanks for sharing yoru photos - be sure adn send copies to Ami for her to add to her website too!

meggie said...

Love your bright children's quilts. I have made several, & my daughter has made several I Spy quilts, which we have all enjoyed playing with! LOL.

Sheila said...

These are all beautiful, what a gift you have.
I think any child would be delighted to receive one of these mini masterpieces.
Well done you..!

Unknown said...

you spoiled us today with so many gorgeous quilts. Each one is unique and a lot of fun for kids I bet. I made one a bit like that for a kindergarten and it was well received. So I can imagine what happens when YOU give them away!

Beemoosie said...

I love making children's quilts too! I am just hooked on novelty fabrics! Great idea for your donations!

Flake said...

Chase is becoming increasingly jealous of his big sister's quilt.

Bea said...

I see ... you love this quilts. They are all so cute. Just stoppng at your blog to see all this lovely quilts. Thank you.

Shelina said...

These are all great quilts. I've seen the book at the library and check it out from time to time. I hav a book that I want to make every quilt in the book too - It's Sweet and Simple Baby Quilts.

Ali Honey said...

Loved your quilts. I too enjoy making I Spy quilts. As I gave the first 2 away I am keeping the 3rd for use at my house for little visitors ( or big ones ). I am started on a 4th. I'm off to check out that book you mentioned.
Best Wishes from New Zealand.

Marlublu said...

I think that is the cutest quilt. I see it as a perfect quilt for a litttle boy. I really like thte border too. Great way to use scraps. I'll have to get that book.