25 February, 2007

Reflections From A Quilt Show

It was a wonderful time away. I will post more regarding Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival and my impressions of this year's event
in the days to come.
Life is Good!


Carol said...

Cool slide show!

Jim V said...

The images are a little small. Is "DSC01721" actually a quilt??

If so... amazing.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Yes, Jim, they are all actually quilts. This is a "preview", blog material to come; if you will. The quilts were really, truly 'mind-blowing' amazing!

Shelina said...

These are all so pretty. Thanks for sharing - I look forward to seeing more.

Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

Welcome home, o troll! You were missed. The slide show is quite a nifty widget, GF. I look forward to your complete report!

Helen said...

Great slide how. I've never heard of photobucket. Its a col way to put them up though.

I still haven't worked out your first name, but I guess you don't mind being called Mrs Goodneedle. Thanks for visiting my blog. It is such a buzz to think people all the way from the 'Good Ole US of A' read what I have to write. I never had pen pals as a child but I love this blogging stuff. Glad you enjoyed my post.