08 March, 2007


Why can't we be content to leave well enough alone? I've noticed a lot of product "tweaking" lately! Wendy's vanilla Frosty to start. My son and his friends are in agreement that there's something fundamentally wrong with that concept... a Frosty is chocolate, always has been, it's that simple. Then there's the new "cinnamon sweet" Pringles. Huh? Last week Krispy Kreme introduced a whole wheat donut to their line-up. I tried one of those, it was OK; but far from their flagship glazed original. These are additions, too, not replacements for the original products, thank goodness! My head spins when confronted with choices anymore! Has anyone bought a bag of Oreos lately? There's not only double stuff, but assorted-flavor fillings, inside-outs, and dipped varieties all taking up shelf space alongside the originals. My forays into the grocery "jungle" are taking longer and longer, it's maddening. Fabric softener sheets were always pretty easy for me... either floral scent or the outdoor breezes. Not too long ago I noticed that Downy had added various 'candle scents' to their product line: 'lavender-vanilla' and ' waterlily-jasmine'. No thanks, I really didn't want my laundry smelling like a candle, I opted for the breezes, as always. I went to visit my daughter last week. When I crawled into bed in her guest room that first night I was enveloped by the most comforting, sweet-smelling sheets! What was this delightful scent? I felt pampered by her attention to detail. I didn't miss the same fragrance greeting my nose the next morning from the towels in the guest bath! Delicious! Yep, you guessed it... the same Downy softener sheets I had turned my nose up to in the grocery store the week before! OK, maybe she was onto something here. Maybe more choices are a good thing.

Note to self: keep an open mind, you may just be surprised.
Could I be wrong about the vanilla Frosty, too?
(I do like vanilla after all, and it worked for me on the sheets and towels. Hmmm...)
I'll keep you posted!

Life is Good!


Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

LOL! More years ago than I cared to admit an "older" man with whom I was infatuated said to me, "I think girls should smell like vanilla." I sought and sought a suitable cologne . . . .

My DDIL has Bath and Body Works Jasmine Vanilla hand soap and lotion in her guest bathroom -- I was so smitten I went out and got some for myself.

Isn't a whole wheat doughnut a sort of contradiction in terms?

CONNIE W said...

Mrs. G, I must admit that I share the feeling of "leave my stuff alone, it's fine as it is" at times. :)
Does that suggest we do not like change perhaps? Or maybe it's just that perfection doesn't require tweaking...dunno
Then they come out with the new and when it's old and comfy, we don't want it messed with either :)

Shelina said...

LOL You are right there are many more choices. Life used to be so simple. I am willing to put up with my (in)decisions, as long as I can revert back to my old favorites anytime I want. I like the wonderful scents - even though it does make it hard to choose.

meggie said...

I loved this story. But I must be the plain jane. I prefer just clean to be the smell on sheets. The older I get the less I like scents in everyday things.
We are lucky though, we can usually always get our laundry dry outdoors, so dont use dryers much.

Jim V said...

I take serious offense at your characterization of Oreo Double Stuff cookies as being a hassle.

I think that everyone here knows that the Double Stuff Oreo was created when the CEO woke up one morning and realized they'd been putting only half the proper amount of icing in each cookie for all those years before.

We should all come to an instant agreement that the Double Stuff Oreo is one of the benchmarks of American greatness and should never be perceived as an irritation. Ever.

And without getting into too much detail here, I was doing the grocery shopping solo a couple of weeks ago. There is a product out there that NO MAN ever wants to buy for his wife. Only if she is on her death bed do we agree to even go down that aisle (she was, but has since recovered). You know the product I'm talking about.

So yes, I took one for the team. I bought them. And yes, I had to stand there looking at an OCEAN of varieties before me, feeling every second as though it were an hour. And yes, I had to call her THREE TIMES to figure out if I'd purchased the package with the right "options".



Okay, that's my rant for the day.

Flake said...

Jim- A little known fact about the Double Stuff Oreo. They are not truly double stuffed with filling, but air. Yes, that's right AIR! They simply fluff up the filling with air as to give the perception of more filling. Sorry to burst your bubble but figured you should know the truth.

Paula, the quilter said...

I am brand loyal. I have to be because of allergies and when I see "new and improved" I shudder because it is usually "improved" with the very item to which I am allergic. I have to read labels.