01 April, 2007

Does That Come In White, By Any Chance?

I was driving down the road the other day and saw the most gorgeous blooming hedge; it was pure, dazzling white and intermixed with vibrant yellow Forsythia (a common sight recently). I didn't know what the white bushes were, I did know what they weren't: they weren't Spirea, it's still too early and they had a different growth habit, too; these were more sturdy, upright branches, more like a Forsythia! (Forthysia, Nancy!) I decided to do some investigation... I called Quilt Keemosabe and asked her if she would ask her daughter what this blooming shrub might be (young Q.K. knows all things plant related). She wasn't sure. I did some Internet research and learned that there is, indeed, a white Forsythia! I never knew that before. But that reminded me... three years ago when my daughter and I were in wedding-mode the florist had mentioned that, naturally, not all flowers come in all colors but every flower does come in white. I was surprised by that little known (to me) fact then, and was even more surprised to recall it again now! Who woulda thunk it? Yep, it's white and it's Forsythia!

Life is Good!


CONNIE W said...

Your blog is educational...I wasn't aware of the fact that all flowers come in white...how interesting to learn that! I love white flowers, they are so fresh...white roses...awesome.
You asked about where the quilt shop on my blog is from - a little town named Haubstadt, Indiana - the shop is named "Quilts 'N Bloom". Come to Southern Indiana sometime and I'll take you there. There is another wonderful shop in this area that I frequent also, and I know of a few more in the area that I don't tend to shop at so much but are good shops.

meggie said...

Nice little story about the white forsythia. I didnt know that all flowers came in white either! But when I think about it, I can think of white in most!

Shelina said...

I didn't know forsythia came in white, nor did I know all flowers came in white.

Quilting Memories said...

How interesting, I wasn't aware that all flowers came in white nor did I know about the forsythia.Haven't the forsythia been beautiful around here this year?
I try ro learn one new thing a day, so now I can rest my old brain and its only 8 am. LOL
Lets have a quilting memories kinda day!!!!!!!!

Teodo said...

Yes, it's like forsythia and his true name is ABELIOPHILLUM.
It's a beautiful flower more perfumed.
Thanks for the picture. ciao ciao

Unknown said...

I knew about white lilac but white forsythia?! Thanks for sharing the nice picture. Have you decided yet what you will make out of your charm packs, I am curious to know.
Take care.