30 April, 2007


This one solitary item, a ceramic Cocker Spaniel named "Ginger", has been with me as long as I can remember. If I recall the story correctly, my Mother received this as a congratulatory gift when I was born. I don't know who assigned the moniker. The back of the dog is hollow and open, a "planter", if you can call it that. I don't ever remember it bearing a plant but suspect it may have, originally. Ginger always stood at my childhood bedroom door, serving as a doorstop, although I feel certain our floors were level and it didn't actually hold the door open. When I left home Ginger was packed up with my few belongings and accompanied me to my first apartment, eventually she became a fixture in my married home, standing sentry at my daughter's bedroom door from the day I carried her home from the hospital. Today Ginger resides in the bathroom adjoining my Studio, at the door (where else?), ever vigilant. I can't think of any other single item that speaks home to me as loudly, or for as long, as this ceramic dog. She's aged beautifully, my constant companion, she's made eleven moves with me; none the worse for the wear!

What one thing speaks "home" to you?
Life is Good!

Research has yielded the following: "Ginger" was made by Royal CopleyRoyal Copley china was made by the Spaulding China Company of Sebring, Ohio, from 1939 to 1960. The figural planters and the small figurines, especially those with Art Deco designs, are of great collector interest.
(Regardless, she's priceless to me for precisely what she represents.)


Mama Spark said...

How cute!! I have an old night light that I had as a girl. It is a girl with a blue dress!! I still have it in my china hutch.

Flake said...

I never knew she had such meaning.

leigh anna said...

i completely relate to this post. i have a few similar items that have moved with me through my life, and each of them make new surrounds feel more like home to me.
i have two really....a yellow teddy bear....which was given to me at birth by my brother paul...and my other is a cradle cross...it took until i tried to leave for college with my cross for my parents to tell me that the cross was really my brother's, they had elected for us to share it....so i left for college....without the cross. it was such a sad day for me! thankfully, my parents realized the mistake they had made, and a few weeks later, i got my very own cradle cross for my birthday....only 18 years late! :)