03 April, 2007


Some of you picked up on the fact I was a little steamed yesterday when I posted about "Honesty". I was. Thanks for giving me a chance to vent, it helped. I've calmed down a lot. Steven Covey says in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People that we can't control the actions of other people, we can only control our own reactions to them. I knew that. Quiltkeemosabe helped to remind me. In fact, it was a Covey kind of learning day... my Pastor reminded me of the habit: "to be understood one must first seek to understand"... I knew that, too. And more Covey-speak... my daughter suggested that when these habits come together it will truly be a "win-win". Yep. Thanks, guys. A little understanding will go a long way.

Life is Good.


Sheila said...

Honesty is vital in all things. I truly believe that. My mother raised us, and in turn I raised my children..'Tell the truth and shame the devil'.They knew no matter what had happened they would get a fair hearing if they were truthful, and that goes for everyone I deal with. Your indignation was righteous. Vent when neccessary...!

Carol said...

Well, if you were steamed, you could always add some shrimp!

I always appreciate your comments. It is nice to have a place to come and vent where you live in relative anonimity.

Thanks for sharing!

Sue Seibert said...

I have to "be still and know", but often I don't. That's humanity creeping in! But oh we must try.

meggie said...

Hmmm, our human frailty can be hard to overcome.
I dont think a little venting hurts.
My big lesson for my kids was honesty too. Very Important.

Beth said...

I'm a firm believer in 'venting'! My online friends let me vent DAILY the summer my husband was deployed and I was home (all summer long) with a...hmmm...how shall I put this NICELY....CHALLENGING child! I would not have survived with out those vents. Vent away..my pores open up nicely with hot steam...:::Grin::::

Quilting Memories said...

Venting is GOOD for us, we all need to do that at times. Hope you feel better today!!!!!!!!
God Bless YOU

Shelina said...

Venting is good, and we are here for you for hearing what you have to say, and for taking your side. :)

I hope that whatever happened worked out for the best, and had only temporary effects.

As for what your pastor said, maybe the person lied because they thought they would save themselves trouble, maybe they were ashamed of themselves and were lying to themselves too.