13 June, 2007

"My Soul Is Fed...

... With Needle And Thread". We've all seen this sentiment, stitched on samplers and printed on T-shirts, caps and note cards marketed to stitchers and seamstresses. In my case it's definitely true... sewing centers me and helps to bring everything back into focus. If I haven't sewn for a while I get a little cranky and require some intense therapy that only my Bernina can provide! Maybe it's the repetitive motion of the needle and the hum of the machine that calms me. Maybe it's the knowledge that I'm creating something that can't be undone like housework. Maybe it's that feeling of being in control of the project at my own pace and in my own time. Maybe, probably, it's all of the above. But I need more, too...

As most of you know, I was elected to a position within my church congregation last winter. It is both a joy and privilege to serve as the chair of the Personnel Committee by virtue of the outcome of that election. We have, for the last six months, been in the process of writing a job description for a staff vacancy as well as collecting and reviewing resumes, and interviewing candidates for that position. It's been a lot of hard work and long hours but finally, with joy and excitement, our committee is unanimously recommending a candidate for approval at tonight's council meeting. We are all eager to move forward with the process and welcome a new staff member into our fold! Through these last few months when I became frustrated, frazzled and frightened that we may never move forward to a happy conclusion as a committee, I turned to two things:
1. Prayer that God grant me a calming peace for my spirit and
2. Sewing to both feed and nurture my soul.

God knows that I need both for balance!
It's true, both my prayer life and my sewing life are vital to my own well being.
For some it's sports, or exercise or cooking that rounds them out and brings balance.
I know what it is for me, I've been blessed with that knowledge as far back as I can remember...
and, the best part of all, I can do them at the same time! Does it get any better than that?

Actually, it does! Check out: Sioux's blog and read the post from
Wednesday, the 13th! Oh, yeah.

Life is Good!


meggie said...

While all around me is turmoil & chaos, I am sewing! LOL. Only way to go, for me.

Shelina said...

I'm glad that things are working out, and hope that the candidate gets hired with flying colors, and shows himself/herself worthy of all the effort.
It is wonderful that you have figured out what works for you, and that you are able to do both so well. I too get cranky when I haven't sewn for a while.