20 June, 2007

Random Snippets...

...from a day in the life of Mrs Goodneedle. I won a book. Sioux had a drawing over at her blog and believe it or not, my name was drawn from a hat! The book arrived, "Old Herbaceous", a novel of the garden by Reginald Arkell. It's full of British wit and wisdom, I haven't sat down to read it through, yet, but this excerpt is a lovely one: "If you could peel the years from a man's life, as you would the leaves from a globe artichoke, you would find him having his happiest time between the ages of fifty and sixty-five. The awful anxieties if youth have resolved themselves... competitors are not treading upon his heels... achievement has not yet lost its glamour... ultimate success, glorious and satisfying, lies just around the corner..."
Thanks, Sioux!! I feel very lucky to have won!

I'm machine quilting, at long last, the outer borders (why does everything take me SO LONG?) "All Are Precious In His Sight" and it won't be long now 'til it's piped and bound. I'm happy with the way it's turning out, I'm in love with the BSR and these Cherrywood fabrics, too; they're yummy!... and the cat. Turbo's been with us for three months. She's become much more familiar with us by this time and actually makes frequent daytime appearances now. Hannes is coping well, although I can't report any snuggling together I can tell you that he tolerates the cat and watches her every move without barking. That's progress. They're coexisting. And yet, I wonder if Hannes isn't mimicking the cat at times. I found him sitting here the other day:This is new for him!

Tuesday was BOM at my LQS, this month's blocks are pictured below: "Casablanca". It looks so different depending on the colorway used. Naturally, (why? she asks...) I am doing BOTH! It looks happy and fresh in the bright pastels, that one is for my daughter. They're all done with templates by Marti Michell, "Perfect Patchwork". They are very accurate and make the job easy.
Next month: "Peekaboo Park", it's cute-- stay tuned...Life is Good!


Carole said...

Congrad on winning! Surprises are always fun! You quilt looks lovely. I can't wait to see done. Keep well!

Shelina said...

Congrats on the win. It sounds like a great book.

Why does everything take so long. Actually I like that it takes so long. That is what makes quilting a frugal hobby - when you count the per hour cost, the longer you can stretch out the hours, the less it costs.

With the BOM I can see why you want to do more than one. They are both lovely. Sometimes making the decision takes longer than just making both blocks.

keslyn said...

Well done on your win, love the quote you have posted from it.
Your border is looking wonderful, we can't rush some things, I dragged out a quilt that I started in 1998 last night, maybe I might finish it before next year, LOL.
Happy sewing

His Office, My Studio said...

I have not heard about the book you won. You have to tell about it when you read it.

You are not the only one with problem of "taking so long to do something". I have it to and wish I didn't.

My Mom had a cat and dog, they got along and were friends. Her cat passed away 2 days after Mom did and Max lives with us. Mom always said Max does things like the cat. Max loves to sit on the back of chairs, couches, and our bow window shelf.

CONNIE W said...

I love the colors in the quilt. I bought some Cherrywood fabrics at the Paducah show. Your quilt gives me ideas for putting them to use. And the FQs on my blog today...I ordered them from Susan Branch's website: www.susanbranch.com
Also you can find her fabrics by doing a search on quiltshops.com. They're all beautiful!

Tanya said...

Glad to hear that Turbo is getting used to your family. Sometimes it's hard to see any great daily progress in animal (and human) relationships, but thinking back to a few months before you realize that the different contingents have made a truce.

meggie said...

Best Congratulations! Winning is such a thrill!
I love Hannes, sitting there looking a little puzzled perhaps? As if to say. "Well, what is the attraction?" LOL.
I keep wanting to get a cat... GOM says no! Hmmmm

YankeeQuilter said...

MacBeth often imitates the cats...though they follow us on walks so maybe it goes the other way too!

My Dad said his best years were in his 50's...after he got all 7 of us through university! (I am the youngest) I still remember him at my graduation party sitting under the maple tree with a big glass of wine in his hand and a big smile on his face. You could just see the stress floating away.....

dot said...

I like the blocks. I have used the Marti Mitchell and just love it. I sure makes the kalidascopes alot easier to make.

Beemoosie said...

The book is lovely, for the cover alone!! Congrats!
Hannes is too cute! My dogs first years were with cat; she is now 90lbs and still thinks she can fit in my lap!
Your quilts are sooooo beautiful, thanks for showing us!

Mama Spark said...

Hannes is adorable. Our neighbor had a dog that they bought a cat for. So whenever we dogsat him he was fine with our 5!
I hate that things take soooooo long too. In an instant gratification society I guess it teaches us patience, lol.
Love the quilts. You should show us the entire view of the one you are quilting.

atet said...

Congrats on the win and the near finish. Those BOMs are adorable. I love the fun pastels/brights -- though you are right, it really depends on the fabric as to how it looks.

Teodo said...

very compliments for the winning!
This quilt is wonderful! You're so good!
I'm not able to quilt free-motion.
I like the blocks too!
ciao, ciao