24 February, 2011

Tiny Clothes

The embroidery machine has been busy, stitching itty bitty monograms onto teeny tiny clothes! The velour one-piece playsuit in the back is for Gregory. The two hooded jackets in front are for newborn twin girls born a week ago last Sunday.

My hands haven't been idle either! I've begun smocking again; Lucy Ann's Easter dress is on the left and a little summer play dress for her is on the right; those are strawberries on that one! The smocking plate reflects that same motif, I couldn't help myself. These tiny clothes provide a huge helping of happiness!
Life is Good!

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Karen Newman Fridy said...

You do such beautiful work!!

Karen said...

Amazing work! How fun to be making these little things for your growing family!

Susan said...

I am so happy that you are smocking again. It's so nice to have little ones to smock for. I am hoping to smock my youngest daughter an Easter dress. She is 8 years old and it might be one of my last changes to get her to wear something I've smocked. Enjoy have such busy hands.

LizA. said...

Awwww......can't wait to see the finished dresses.

Carrie P. said...

You will have the best dressed grand kids ever.
Enjoy your time away.