20 March, 2011


I took a screen printing workshop from Jean Ray Laury at Mid-Atlantic quilt festival back in 2004, it was a day of pure inspiration. I only just learned of her passing upon returning home, Quiltkeemosabe sent me this link to her obituary that she had written herself, even in death she continues to inspire! I have been thinking about her the last few days, and about that workshop in particular. I still have the handouts, and my class samples; I rooted around in the closet and dug them out. My attempts are primitive and naive; but they still hold enormous appeal. The quilt pictured here was our class example that day, she encouraged us to work with simple shapes and familiar objects. I don't know the name of this piece of work, I found the photo here (click to read a terrific interview with her from November, 2000). If any of you can help me out with a name/title of this piece I'd be very grateful. I remember at the conclusion of our workshop she informed us that her teaching schedule was ending, she was planning on staying home after from then on and concentrating her energies there. I recall feeling so very fortunate that I had signed up for that class, and more than that I can still sense the sheer joy and unbridled giddiness that she sparked in me that day. I am compelled today to dust off that screen and print some more fabric squares! Thank you, Jean Ray Laury, you fed this quilter's soul with creativity seven years ago; it nourishes me still. I've removed her charming children's bedtime book, No Dragons On My Quilt, from the shelf. The next time Mason visits we'll read it together. The legacy of this talented quilting pioneer will live on~and on!
Life is Good!

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quiltmom anna said...

I remember having a Jean Ray Laury book about photo transfer and memory quilts. It was an innovative technique at the time . She must have been an amazing teacher- Thanks for the links to the interview.
I am sure that Mason will enjoy her book.
Warmest regards,

Nane said...

I haven't read the children's book, maybe I will next time the Bee is over.

Quiltdivajulie said...

I wish I had learned about this amazing woman sooner ...

Lovely post!

Carrie P. said...

I feel like I have heard of her before but I am glad that she lives on in her quilts and her books. I really like that quilt too.