08 May, 2011

Sweet Dulcimer Tones

We had the unique opportunity on Saturday evening to attend a Dulcimer concert at a local church. The concert was actually the culmination of a Dulcimer festival which included workshops and performances over the weekend. If the truth were known, I'd have to admit that my husband went along reluctantly, to humor me. Happily, he left with a whole new appreciation for what can only be described as the music of angels. You can click here to listen to a bit of what we heard performed by the incredibly accomplished Karen Mueller (pictured). I was familiar with the instrument shown here, the Mountain Dulcimer, and quickly learned to fully appreciate the gorgeous sounds produced on the Hammered Dulcimer as well as the Autoharp; not only by Karen but also by the extremely talented Anne Lough. It was an evening that will long be remembered; certainly, if there is music in heaven this is it.

Life is Good!


LizA. said...

Glad you enjoyed the sweet music of a dulcimer. The Bearded One has a hammered dulcimer and we've been to a couple local, small festivals. One of these days we will go to a big festival. There's a local group that does concerts during the holidays and we make sure we attend at least one every year.

Nane said...

Glad you all had a moment to sit and find some peacefull music. I could just eat up those kids!!!

phyzz said...

Pleasure listening to you share and now write about this performance! I see I missed a wonderfilled evening of music! (Thanks for the links. Autoharp playing was lovely! I spotted Cindy Ribet (of Durham),who taught me; fortunate to play with her.)

Karen said...

Oh, this music was so sweet and uplifting! LOVE it!

Thanks for sharing the sound!