11 October, 2013

Smooth Moves

There's lots of slick things going on at Chez Goodneedle these days... cooler temperatures and the advent of fall have seen us gliding right on in to a new season and some fresh, fun projects! Mr. Goodneedle presented me with this wonderful, hand-turned, fruit bowl a few weeks ago. The finish on this one is just as smooth as silk, it's the absolute perfect size and a handsome addition to the kitchen countertop. While we're talking about slick additions to the kitchen I have to rave about the silicone baking sheet liners that my daughter gave me for my birthday. I had never used one before but after baking up some Candied Pecans and a batch of granola I know for certain that I'll never go without one of these beauties again! These liners make smooth work and an easy release (and clean-up!) from what could have been an otherwise stuck-on mess!

Sliding out of the kitchen and into the sewing room is one easy transition, 
something sweet's happening in here too.
A smooth, swirling quilting design, "Waterworld," on Chicken Soup #1.

Life is Good!


45th Parallel Quilter said...

Beautiful bowl ... lovely! I agree with you about the silicone mats ... I have several that show their use and "love" ... can't imagine going back to lining pans with aluminum foil ... they work SO well! Linda

Quiltdivajulie said...

Ooooh - Waterworld is PERFECT for your quilt!

Beautiful bowl - need to try those silicone sheets. Hmmmmmm

Unknown said...

Love the bowl!