01 February, 2014

Quilts, Quilts Everywhere!

The last couple of days, when I've had the television on, I couldn't help but notice that I kept seeing quilts... everywhere! Those of us who are quilters more than likely have quilt "radar" anyway; noticing quilt patterns in our exterior surroundings everyday, such as floor tiles or even in nature. I'm talking here though about the blatant, quilt-related, TV-spot saturation. Wednesday, while watching an episode of Hallmark's Home and Family, who was the featured guest? None other than Alex Anderson! She did a quick segment on assembling a Bowtie block and showed off some of her spectacular quilts. These are all featured in her newest book: Scrap Quilting with Alex Anderson.
 I couldn't help but drool over this one, can't you just imagine combining all of your low volume
 prints with some brights for your own Bowtie quilt using this striking zig-zag setting?
The next item I heard on the news. These are the uniforms that our U.S. athletes
 will wear during the opening ceremonies at the upcoming Sochi Olympics.
Designed by Ralph Lauren and influenced by, yes, American patchwork!

And, lastly, in this Turbo Tax commercial.  Okay, honestly, this one may take a keener sense of quilt awareness as the scenes scan by very quickly; but, this ad entitled: "The Year Of  The You" highlights a new quilter proudly showing off her first quilt top (10 seconds in), her smile says it all. Have a look, you'll smile too!

Seek them out today, in those unexpected places; you most likely won't have to search far. You never know where quilts may be lurking; waiting to be discovered! According the Chinese zodiac this is the year of the horse; however, I'm declaring it the year of the quilt, they're everywhere!

Life is Good!


Janet O. said...

I hadn't seen the Olympic outfits yet. Interesting! : )

Anonymous said...

I forgot what country The Today showed and made fun of their choice of outfit. Then the next day they revealed ours, the one you shared. Hmmmm....will I eventually like it?
Like you, I can watch a TV show, movie or whatever and I see past the action, actors and always hone in on the quilts.

Beth said...

Oh! I love looking for the quilts in the background of movies and ads as much as trying to figure out where I have seen an actor/actress before! Do you remember the yoyo quilt on the table of Meg Ryans apt in Sleepless in Seattle!? My husband thought something was wrong I yelled so loud! Not sure about those USA uniforms! I'll let ya know if they grow on me...

LizA. said...

In this house it's quilts and VW buses that are always being spotted. And I'm often the one spotting the bus while he spots the quilt....I guess we've trained each other well.

LizA. said...

Quilt Hollow -- it was the Norwegian curling outfits and it even made the national news that evening!