22 March, 2014

Ami's Amazing Puzzle Ball

I was contacted a while back and asked if I would be willing to test out a brand-new pattern for Ami Simms. I agreed, quickly; as many of you know I love everything that Ami comes up with and her patterns are, hands-down, my most used! There were a number of affirmative responses to Ami's query, from all over the country, and a test-panel was composed. We each received a package including everything we needed to make a "puzzle ball" and an early-draft test pattern. The sewing began! E-mails flew back and forth, there was a constant flurry of activity among the panel! There were corrections, additions, deletions and, ultimately, there were puzzle balls! Lots of them!!  Ami is smart. She thinks and rethinks, she pushes and delves into each stitcher's brain. Her patterns don't go public until she is satisfied that each step is defined, explicit and well-illustrated... tried and true! You know how it feels when you purchase a pattern that is vague and short on directions, one that leaves you hanging; it's not any fun at all, you feel frustrated and cheated. I guarantee that won't be the case with this pattern; the Amazing Puzzle Ball was fun to make, each step is made abundantly clear, and it goes together very well.
Here's my completed "test" version. Isn't it amazing? It's every bit as much fun to hold as it was to make!

This is the amazing ball taken apart... that's the "puzzle" part! Isn't this genius? Fun for everyone!
You can watch Ami disassemble and reassemble one here; it's easy peasy!

You can pre-order the pattern here.
Roll with me on this; you know someone who would love one. 
But, I'm betting, you won't can't stop at just one!
Make one for a friend, a cat, a child you love; 
make one (in each size) to keep for yourself,
you can't let them have all the fun!
Life is Good! 


KaHolly said...

Very unique! Bet it was challenging to make!

Sherry said...

I have the same pattern from a pattern company that I got 20 years ago. Maybe Ami has a new way of putting it together that would be easier for me than the original.

Pat said...

I LOVE the fact that it's a puzzle!! I made a regular grab ball a few years ago for a grand, but this is so much better. And the fact that you made it with a tactile fabric? Genius!~ I am going ton re-post this on FB. Maybe we can get Amy some more business!

LizA. said...

Looks like fun and since I've been making a lot of baby quilts recently this might be a nice addition along with the quilt.

Nice plug from Ami this morning for you too :-)

AnnieO said...

Love that it comes apart! Exciting you got to be a part of its creation! I just happen to have a grandson that I could make one for :)

Nane said...

I don't know....curves freak me out

Elita@Busy Needle Quilting said...

Oh yes, your endorsement is enough motivation for me! That looks like such fun!! Glad you were a tester!

Tanya said...

I have made this pattern often as baby gifts, and do you know, this is a traditional Japanese Tsurushibina pattern! We often see tiny balls like this made of Japanese silk for Girls' Day decorations. They look so different in an animal print!