07 April, 2014

Cooking Up Some Fun!

What's cooking? Despite what it looks like, this is NOT a colorful quilter's version of ravioli; no, it's a whole lot more fun than that! After stitching up game boards for classrooms and for gifts, over the years, I decided it was high time to have one to keep here at the house. This Tic-Tac-Toe game is for even the youngest of game players... no X's and O's to draw, just puffed-up little shapes to place on a quilted game board. Originally, I blogged about this when I made up an identical game for Mason, two years ago, you can read that story here.
This simple game board measures twelve inches square (the center portion is nine inches,
sectioned off into three inch squares) and the playing pieces are stuffed with poly-fil.
It's been placed into the toy basket in a designated low kitchen cabinet; where it waits
 to be discovered and will, hopefully, spur on lots of happy competition and hours of family fun.
Life is Good!


Carol said...

What a wonderful wonderful idea...your kiddos are going to love it!

AnnieO said...

Fun! I thought they were beanbags at first. Polyfil will be a bit quieter :)

Carrie P. said...

super idea!

jude's page said...

fantastic idea, your blog is always full of great inspiration!

Unknown said...


phyzz said...

Love this idea! Wonderful colors you've chosen!