01 September, 2016

EPIC Road Trip- Installment #3

~The North Rim of the Grand Canyon, NALC Convocation, The Reagan Library, San Simeon and Pie!~

We had been to the Grand Canyon back in 1989 when our children were young, we visited the more popular South Rim that time. The North Rim is no less spectacular, but much less crowded! When we arrived it was cool and pleasant, only in the 60's; perfect weather to walk around and take it all in.
 The Grand Canyon Lodge
There were hundreds of these little cabins in the Grand Canyon Village. Rustic, clean, with no frills; (I peeked in one that was being cleaned) they're equipped with beds and a bathroom. All the entertainment one could ask for is outdoors! We heard that the stars here are breath-taking after sunset. 

 I remember from our first visit that feeling of awe when viewing the canyon; there simply are not words to describe it. If you have been here, you understand; one must experience the vastness to fully appreciate the majesty!
We can across a Bison herd when exiting the park, the baby Bison are cinnamon colored; so sweet. We stopped at a restaurant on the way out, in Jacob Lake, to get a milkshake. I have NEVER seen such a thick shake in my life! I wish that I had taken a picture so that you would believe it-- the milkshake protruded above the rim of the cup by 4" easily, like a column of ice cream! I ate every bite.
Scrap Apple Quilts in St. George, UT was a wonderful shopping experience, as you can see I didn't come out empty-handed! This shop was not only well stocked but beautifully decorated as well, I could have moved right in! Mr. Goodneedle went and found a car wash while I was shopping, the perfect arrangement for two happy travelers!
The North American Lutheran Church was holding their Convocation in Anaheim, CA at the Wyndham Hotel; our travel schedule perfectly coincided with that event. The next day we pointed the car in the direction of Anaheim and arrived in time for the opening worship service; Mr. Goodneedle attended that, I stayed outside with Hannes and read a book. After that concluded, we traded places and a Pastor friend took me on a tour of the activities and goings-on in the book vendor's area. We were so happy to have the opportunity to be there, even if only for a brief time! The traffic from Anaheim to Stevenson Ranch, our destination for the night, was horrendous on Rte #5. It took us two hours to travel 20 miles. I am not sure I could deal with that kind of traffic on a regular basis.
The next morning we arrived in Simi Valley to tour the Reagan Library. This has been a "bucket list" destination of mine for a very long time. Arriving early, there was only one person ahead in line! Not that it mattered, I hadn't bought tickets ahead of time nor am I a patron, so the line was a long one. Live and learn.  
My disappointment in waiting evaporated as soon as I stepped inside. Remember that Reagan statue from The National Cowboy Museum in OKC? The second, of only two, was right inside in the door! What are the chances I would see both of these within a week?

 I loved these! Words to live by.
 This is an exact replica of the Oval Office as it appeared during the Reagan presidency. He chose the colorings of the drapes and the carpet to reflect the soft hues of the western landscape.
The Oval Office perfectly detailed, right down to the famous jar of jelly beans.
 Air Force One 27000 is housed at the Reagan Library. This aircraft flew seven U.S. presidents: Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, H.W. Bush, Clinton and W. Bush.  The Reagan Library received it in a decommissioning ceremony on September 8, 2001 at the San Bernadino International Airport. It was transported in pieces to this site and the building was constructed around it. Once finally reconstructed the final painting and polishing took five months. This exhibit opened September 23, 2005.
Exiting the Reagan Library one walks through the rose gardens to Ronald's and Nancy's final resting place overlooking the Simi Valley.
I am so happy that I have been here, I will remember it always. For me, that time during the "Reagan years" was a happy time personally-- we were raising our family and life was good. I remember that sense of optimism in America too, that "can do" attitude. Without going off on a political commentary, I did have a profound sadness walking back to the car this day; suffice it to say that the optimism I so fondly recall is seriously missing today in 2016.
The next morning we headed toward Fremont, CA driving through beautiful citrus groves as far as the eye could see. When we drove through San Simeon we glimpsed the Hearst Castle high on a hill.
Just beyond the Hearst Castle we came to a viewing area along the coast where Elephant Seals were on full display; these creatures are HUGE! I haven's done any research on these, I will have to find our more about them, we got a kick out of them cavorting and "sounding off" to each other.
We stopped in Cambria, CA because I saw a sign advertising "Linn's famous Olallieberry Pie".  I had no idea what an olallieberry was but I wanted to try the pie! This photograph is from their website; and, YES, ours had that much fruit filling in it! We bought a whole pie; needless to say we ate it for a few days, not a hardship whatsoever! The berry is a type of blackberry that tastes like a cross between raspberry and blueberry. Two Snapple facts for today: an Eagle has approximately 7,000 feathers and New York was the first state to require cars to have license plates. 
Life is Good!
Next installment: Lassen Volcanic National Park, Crater Lake and the Oregon Dunes Recreational Area.


Janet O. said...

I am thoroughly enjoying your epic road trip. I have been to a few of these places, but most of them are new to me. Fun to see them through your eyes. Looking forward to the Oregon Dunes!
Oh, that pie!! Looks so good--especially after I have been struggling to try and come up with a decent gluten free pie crust. : (

Quiltdivajulie said...

I absolutely agree with your words about the Grand Canyon - there are no photographs that can compare to the experience of standing on the rim . . . love that Mr. G went to the carwash while you visited the quilt shop (sounds JUST like what we would do). What an incredible journey you are sharing with us.

jude's page said...

Am loving your travels, lovely photos, and interested in the berry pie, looks like the mulberry's that we have here. Am watching your countrys politics from this side of the world, and I hear your comment.

AnnieO said...

Ah, yes, the infamous 5 freeway, major trucking route and has the potholes and debris to prove it! Do you know, despite living about 30 miles from the Reagan Library I have never been. Something I always mean to do someday but somehow never do! Great trip you're having !

Lindah said...

What at interesting trip! Great photos! Thank you for sharing. I pored over the Reagan Library photos with nostalgia. My DH worked for him for several years; some of his documents are housed there. We so enjoyed visiting the library. After the tour, I sat for a good while as he went back around, remembering. And then we had a special tour of the ranch. Oh, my! I agree with you that things are different now. Enuff said.

And now I look forward to your photos of Lassen Park. We live about 30 minutes away. Did you get to the northern CA coast? It is very different from the Atlantic. Both are beautiful in their own way.

Note to AnnieO: GO. Do go to see the Reagan Library. :-)

rondiquilts said...

Thank you for posting all about your trip. I have loved hearing about all these places I have never seen and some I've not even heard off. I keep coming back and reading the posts again and looking at the photos while anticipating your next post.


cityquilter grace said...

lovely photos....esp of the reagan library...a man of integrity and great character...as i was sitting in church this AM, felt a great deal of excitement about what God can do with either candidate....whoever wins i am sure He will use them to his good purpose somehow....'do not be discouraged for I have overcome the world'